For Honor Story Trailer Released - The Warlord Apollyon

Apparently, For Honor is going to have a plot. This is the first time we hear about it. We already know the backstory – three medieval factions locked in an everlasting battle for supremacy. But it’s going to have an actual plot, with real characters, dialogue and all. Ubisoft have released the first trailer to dwell on it, and it’s pretty fun.

There’s this woman, see. Her name is Apollyon. Apparently, she is war. Don’t let your mind linger on the though too much, just embrace it. She is war. In reality, she’s a scheming serpent who set out to push the three factions into all out war. Her reason? They’re cowards. They’ve forsaken war in the name of peace, prosperity, life, family, and all that jazz.

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She believes they’ve grown weak, and that is simply unacceptable. War will weed the weak out, leaving only the strong and capable, or as she calls them, the wolves. That is a good thing, as far as she’s concerned. The chieftains finally realize what she’s done, near the end of the trailer, but it remains unclear whether they keep playing her game or simply put down their weapons and go back to farming.

Aside from the silly plot, the trailer looks amazing. Lots of that good, old swinging stuff about, throwing axes, shooting arrows, splitting people in half. The music is lovely, too. For Honor is going to go into beta during January, and you can already sign up if you’re interested in giving it a go. The game proper is going to be released on February 14th, on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. If you’re unsure whether you’d like it or not, take a peek at our For Honor First Impressions, based on the closed alpha that took place a couple of months ago.

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