Final Fantasy XV Rescue Quest Locations Map

Final fantasy 15 Rescue Quest Locations Guide shows where you can find and save people in distress. These quests are not marked on the map. To start them, you’ll need to be within the quest’s objective area. The low experience and gil reward is not something that will draw you to complete them all. Nonetheless, if you are a good guy and a completionist, you can find all their locations down below.

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Rescue Quests Final Fantasy XV

Rescue Missions Information

  1. The quest starts once you come close to the person in distress. You’ll hear their call for help, and the quest will start. Find the person in the marked area and give him the potion or antidote to complete the quest.
  2. Prerequisites can be as small as completing some other Rescue mission. The most demanding ones are bound to certain main story missions. All of the rescue missions can be done after mission 9 of the main story, the chapter where you go to Altissia.
  3. Rescue missions can be done during both day and night. Although they have a required level, you don’t need to kill any monsters.
  4. Before you head out to complete these quests, be sure to bring potions and antidotes. They are needed for completing the missions.
  5. Potions and Antidotes can be bought from many vendors. Gladiolus’s Survival skill also collects these items.
  6. Rescue Missions are similar to the Broken Car Quests. They have the same number of people in distress, give similar rewards, are found in equal numbers in certain regions and more. For more info on the Broken Cars Quests, check out our Broken Cars Locations guide.

Leide Rescue Missions Locations

Leide Rescue Missions Locations
Final Fantasy 15 Leide Rescue Missions Locations
1.Tired of Running300 exp, 500 gil
2.Palpable Pain350 exp, 900 gilQuest No.1 (“Tired of Running”) completed
3.When you Believe1 000 exp, 6 000 gilQuest No.2 (“Palpable Pain”) completed
4.Search and Rescue300 exp, 500 gil
5.Lost Without a Potion350 exp, 900 gilQuest No.4 (“Search and Rescue”) completed
6.Distress in the Desert350 exp, 900 gilQuest No.4 (“Lost Without a Potion”) completed
7.A Cry for Help300 exp, 500 gil
8.Scared and Stranded350 exp, 900 gilQuest No.7 (“A Cry for Help”) completed
9.An Exaggerated Injury350 exp, 900 gilQuest No.8 (“Scared and Stranded”) completed
10.Conceal, Don’t Feel300 exp, 500 gilQuest No.7 (“A Cry for Help”) completed

Duscae Rescue Missions Locations

Duscae Rescue Missions Locations
Final Fantasy 15 Duscae Rescue Missions Locations
1.All by Myself350 exp, 900 gil
2.In Low Spirits350 exp, 900 gilQuest No.1 (“All by Myself”) completed
3.The Verge of Despair1 000 exp, 2 500 gilQuest No.2 (“In Low Spirits”) completed
4.Accursed Curiosity350 exp, 900 gilQuest No.1 (“All by Myself”) completed
5.A Hurting Heart350 exp, 900 gil
6.Weary and Wounded1 000 exp, 2 500 gilQuest No.4 (“A Hurting Heart”) completed
7.Trembling with Fear350 exp, 900 gil
8.The Faint of Heart350 exp, 900 gil
9.Wrecked with Anxiety350 exp, 900 gil
10.Down on your Luck1 500 exp, 6 000 gil

Cleigne Rescue Missions Locations

Cleigne Rescue Missions Locations
Final fantasy 15 Cleigne Rescue Missions Locations
1.Almost Out of Hope500 exp, 1 500 gil
2.Poor, Misfortunate Soul500 exp, 1 500 gilQuest No.1 (“Almost Out of Hope”) completed
3.A Little Slip-Up500 exp, 1 500 gil
4.Keeping the Faith1 500 exp, 6 000 gilQuest No.3 (“A Little Slip-Up”) completed
5.Injured and Introspective1 500 exp, 6 000 gilQuest No.4 (“Keeping the Faith”) completed
6.Alas, Poor Hunter500 exp, 1 500 gil
7.Losing Heart1 500 exp, 6 000 gilQuest No.6 (“Alas, Poor Hunter”) completed
8.Blame the Beasts!500 exp, 1 500 gil
9.Not so Easy Anymore1 000 exp, 2 500 gilQuest No.8 (“Blame the Beasts!”) completed
10.Scared and Lonely500 exp, 1 500 gil
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  1. K

    #8 The Faint of Heart in Duscae definitely requires #9 Wrecked with Anxiety to trigger. Me and several others have experienced this.

  2. S

    Im ar chapter 3 i cant make the “in low spirits” quest appear, i did the first one already. Are there sidequests that needs to be done at a certain chapter?

    1. Some people say you might need the chapter 9, but I can’t confirm.

  3. S

    Cleigne’s Number 6 (Alas, Poor Hunter) requires Number 7 (Losing Heart), and not the other way around.

    1. We’ve gotten “Losing Heart” after the “Alas, Poor Hunter”, maybe they are both dependent of each other like this?

      1. T

        I got “Alas, Poor Hunter…” first.

  4. T

    I got Injured and Introspective before Keeping the Faith.

    1. T

      Oops, meant Losing Heart, not Injured and Introspective.

  5. K

    “Wrecked With Anxiety” has to be done before “The Faint of Heart”

  6. D

    i cant do the “When you believe” quest, im on chapter 3 . pls help me! 🙁

  7. J
    Jared van Kell

    The “A little slip up” quest is not triggering for me at all.

  8. M

    I have yet to board the boat to altissa and I cant find no 7 in leide must I come back or must I complete other rescues in the area first

  9. E

    i just finished them all, took cleigne last and i found a few things there that is wrong.
    1,2,3,8 and 9 is right. but nr 4 and 6 need to switch places,and nr 7 and 5 need to switch places as well.
    that’s the order i found them in at least

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