Mass Effect: Andromeda Controls Will be Similar to Previous ME Games

Mass Effect: Andromeda controls will be similar to previous ME games, according to creative director Mac Walters. This applies to the basic move set and the action buttons. They are only somewhat similar to the other ME games, and you can find them in almost any other similar genre game.

Mass Effect Andromeda Controls Will be Similar to Previous ME Games
How complex controls list can be?

You can find the info on this topic on the Game Informer YouTube channel (22:58).

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Control placeholders in Mass Effect: Andromeda are not completely finished. This is something that changes most frequently as the game enters the polishing phase. Mac Walters says it has been changing almost on a weekly basis in the last year only as they try out new things.

It depends on what most people would gravitate toward most of the time. What will they use the most, what is the best flow for everything.

We are focus-testing things, we’ve added new abilities, new powers, we’ve got a scanner now, were does it fit on a controller, how do we use it?

You don’t need to use the keyboard and mouse on the PC. The controllers are fully supported for PC players, as was mentioned by Ian S. Frazier.

Controls for aiming and shooting are the same as they were for the previous games. This also goes for the movement controls. You can expect them to be the same. We’ve combine a list scheme of controls you might find useful once the game goes live. We’ll also make a full controls list once we know it.

MoveLeft analog stickLeft analog stickW/A/S/D
AimRight analog stickRight analog stickMouse
MapTouch padView buttonM
Menu/ PauseStart/ OptionsSystem MenuEsc
FireR1RTLeft mouse click
ZoomL1LTRight mouse click
Take CoverX (while near cover)A (while near cover)Space (while near cover)
Melee AttackCircleBF
Switch WeaponHold squareHold XMouse wheel/ 1/ 2
Power AttackL2/ L2+R2 /R2YShift + mouse

One thing is certain, you won’t be needing Mass Effect: Andromeda Nintendo Switch controls scheme. There are no plans for porting the game on this console, at least not for now.

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