For Honor new heroes leaked?

For Honor had its share of issues with the servers at the time of its launch, but things seem to be progressing. It is time for the first post-launch heroes news in For Honor. The leak is out, and it seems to confirm the previous teasers.

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for honor new heroes
Centurions and ninjas are most likely joining the fight in For Honor.

Once again, a reddit user brings a newsworthy leak. The picture seems to confirm the fact that the new DLC heroes will be a Roman Centurion and a Ninja. Both of the characters seem to exist in the season pass art, or at least their silhouettes do.

It is still up for discussion whether the new heroes will be joining existing factions or forming a new one. As far as the weapons are concerned, it is not quite clear yet what they will be. The ninja is shown using a pair of kamas, while the Centurion has no weapon in the picture. If we can speculate, historically speaking, they might be armed with a short sword or a broadsword and a shield. There is always room for more combinations, of course.

Ubisoft talked about its plans of six post-launch heroes, which should be released two at a time. This is a part of the Season Pass offer, including outfits, XP boosts and more. The new heroes should be available via in-game currency. It is unclear whether you will be able to purchase them with real money, aside from the Season Pass.

There were talks of free DLC as well which should be released at an unknown time. This pack should include maps, modes and gear, some of which will be available earlier for the Season Pass holders.