New details about Mass Effect: Andromeda 10-hour trial

Good news for EA/Origin Access members, ME: Andromeda will have a 10-hour trial. The trial is limited, and it is still unknown which area will be open for play, but it is known that the 10 hours can be used in replaying it over and over, as well as enjoying multiplayer without restrictions.

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Krogan romance option. Who’s with me?

Fernando Melo, Andromeda producer, stated on Twitter that multiplayer missions will unlock something called “Pathfinder Rewards”. Basically, they are loot boxes of unknown content, probably crafting materials.

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Lead designer, Ian Frazier, commented that it might not be necessary to play multiplayer mission to actually receive these rewards. Apparently, you can send AI teams to do them for you. However, playing MP will grant you both the SP and MP rewards.

The news is definitely interesting, because there has been some trepidation regarding how the SP and MP content will play out in the final version, considering that Mass Effect 3 version of semi-necessary multiplayer did not really mesh with some people.

There was also an interesting question on twitter “will the ME:A Trial be like the one for Battlefield1? 1 Chapter and the rest of the time for MP?” Fernando Melo answered “you can play it all in sp if you want, but it is gated (you can’t cont story after a point, but can explore or restart for ex)“.

There was a recent Mass Effect: Andromeda video detailing exploration and discovery and the game mechanics tied to it. It is to be expected that there will be quite a bit of exploration necessary in order to find all the resources that we will need in order to create some awesome new space stuff.

In other Mass Effect: Andromeda news, “softcore space porn” was an actual expression used by one of the main devs on the project. The game changed its ESRB rating and now has “full nudity”. It remains to be seen whether this includes Krogans as well. After all, Iron Bull was by far the best romance option in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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