Where to find '92 Dream Team in NBA 2K17

NBA 2K17 ’92 Dream Team is a lineup that includes the whole USA Olympic basketball team from 1992. It is a preorder bonus, and there’s no word on how to get it if you haven’t preordered the game.
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It can be only used in the quick game mode, sadly. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find ’92 Dream Team in NBA 2K17, who’s on it.

How to unlock ’92 Dream Team in NBA 2K17

Once again, you can’t play with this team unless you’ve preordered the game. Even if you have, you’ll only be able to use them in quick games – no MyLeague or anything like it. Here’s what you need to do:
  1. Choose Play Now from the main menu.
  2. Select Play Now again.
  3. Scroll left through the list until you see ’92 Team USA.
  4. Enjoy your trip through time (and if you’re old enough to remember the team, a feeling of existential dread).

The full team roster includes the following superstar legends:
  • Magic Johnson
  • Michael Jordan
  • Larry Bird
  • Charles Barkley
  • Patrick Ewing
  • Clyde Drexler
  • Karl Malone
  • David Robinson
  • Chris Mullin
  • Scottie Pippen
  • John Stockton
  • Christian Laettner
There’s a chance the team will show up as paid DLC at a later point, so that those who didn’t preorder the game can buy it. There’s no official word on it, though, so the only way to get it at this point is to buy the game in advance of its September 20th release date.

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  1. C
    Chris Wambre


    I ordered the “Early Tip Off” version off NBA 2K17 the 5th of August, but I can’t find the ’92 Dream Team in the Play Game mode.

    Is there any code of Something to enter to make it available?



  2. J

    I preordered it too I been playing it since Thursday night and its not in my game I paid 103 dollars for the kobe gold edition too and I don’t have the dream team what’s going on 2k !?!

    1. E

      Same thing here, I paid 100 dollars to preorder the legend gold edition and didn’t get the 92 Dream team. Bad luck with a defective disc!

      1. R

        go to my career go to additional team store and there is the dream team bundle and you will get jordan ‘s 9 jersey

    2. T

      Yes I paid $103 for the Kobe Legend Gold Edition also and I don’t have the dream team of it does anyone know about this situation more

  3. E
    Enrique Romero

    I preordered the nba2k17 legends gold edition for 100 dollars and I didn’t get the 92 Dream Team, it’s not in my play now mode. Did I get a defective copy??? Xbox one.

    1. D
      demierus simmons

      same here I preorded it I cant find it either the only one ive found was 2016 Olympic team

  4. K
    Keenan A Brackett

    I pre-ordered NBA 2K17 legend edition & the dream team is missing .what’s the deal

  5. R

    I pre-order nba2k17 aug.18 no dream team why?

  6. D


    1. P

      I pre-ordered legends edition gold too but didn’t receive any of the bonuses, from 100k vc,kobe gears in myplayer and the ’92 dream team :'(

  7. B

    yup same here – inside there was a two different codes on which I encoded it but still NO dream team coz maybe nba 2k still few more days till the official release?? i don’t know.

    1. A
      Anthony J Hopkins

      I put in code it said it accepted code and still can’t play with 92 Dream Team

  8. S

    Same issue here, it is obviously a 2k problem .. lots of us DO NOT have the 92 dream team after claiming the code. TOTAL BS!

  9. E

    Did anyone figure out why we don’t have Dream Team and how to get it?

  10. J

    The same here man. Wtf 2k ? There’s no dream team..

  11. M

    All – i had the same problem where Dream Team was missing even after I redeemed the code. So I went back to Best Buy where I preordered the game. They game me new code to retry. And it turned out, viola, that I had a bad code the first time. So you all, dont do any troubleshooting anymore. Just explain the problem to the store and ask for a new code, the tipoff code. That should resolve it.

  12. M

    I only accept getting new tipoff code because the disk is good. The new code came from another new 2k17 box. So it’s a bad code you all have right now.
    Oh by the way it is so cool playing 92 vs 2016 US teams. Of course MJ is goat. Must be nice if they also include Kobe and 2008 US team. Good luck all!

  13. P
    patrell bullock

    I can’t find the dream team and I pre order the Kobe legend edition they were there now they are gone

  14. G
    Girbaud Canlapan

    I pre-ordered NBA 2K17 legend edition & the dream team is missing .what’s the deal

    Reply ↓

  15. A

    same here no 92 dream team! wtf happen 2k!?

  16. Bull shit u put up $100 plus dollars and half the stuff unpaid for is missing and now u gotta wait to get it what’s the since in preordering

  17. M
    Michael Mcfadden

    pre-ordered early release on ps4 deleted it and reinstalled still nothing. Downloaded the update yesterday when the general public who didn’t pre order could get it and still nothing.

  18. M
    Michael Mcfadden

    what a crock of $#!+

  19. J

    same thing no dream team no vC points a waste of 80 dollars smh

  20. J

    No, Dream Team and the store I bought it from has NO IDEA about a new code…2k messed up

  21. D

    i got my 30,000 VC and Kobe gear just no fucking 92 dream team. WTF 2K

  22. W
    Will Powell

    Yeah I am having the same issue. I pre ordered the game, the Kobe gold edition and no 92 Dream Team. What’s the deal 2k this game was $100 plus. I need some answers asap!

  23. T
    tierney simmons

    Its really sad that NBA2k17 would do us all this way i changed the game 4 times and still nothing works no dream team as promised. I believe we all should get togeather and show 2k how it feels to have money taken out your pockets and sue them. i am getting a lawyers and filing a joint lawsuit in the works now as i speak leave e-mail at tierneysimmons@live .com the more people the better . And they dont have a phone number for 2k support just and e-mail and they dont get back to you. But they cant keep doing us this way its called fraud

    1. W
      Willie jackson

      I’m with you 100 percent!!!!!!

      1. L
        Lindley ignacio

        I am all the way from philippines guys spent a third of my salary a month to get this game but sadly no dream team either

  24. A

    Ordered NBA2K17 gold edition and didn’t get the Dream Team either. Asked GameStop and I they had no idea what I was talking about.

  25. A
    Anthony Brown

    Yes i m having the same problem after spending a 103.00 dollors in 2k17.If someone brings a lawsuit against 2k let me no because im down with it.Im pissed off about this situation.

  26. M

    I order to copy of the standard pre-order NBA 2K17 I got the Dream Team for the PS4 but when I turn on my Xbox and put the codes in got the VC but no dream team I guess at least I got one of them

  27. S
    Samuel Richardson

    I pre-ordered 2 k17 legend edition picked it up Fri 16th and I don’t have 92′ dream team either what’s up with that??

  28. S
    Samuel Richardson

    What do I need to do with the problem

  29. H

    Today they come out 2K17 1.03 data for updated.I spent almost 4hours update completely.Unfortunately , 92 Dream team is still missing.. It’s really piss me off! so why do I spent so much time update for?

  30. J

    Look for the nba 2k17 early tip-off weekend card look at the back of it and follow the instruction step by step.

  31. E

    First, you have to create a MyCareer. Then, go to the store, go to EVERYTHING ELSE. Go to ADDITIONAL TEAM STORE and at the second row ( the only one ) you will find a bundle that gives you the dream team and a MJ jersey.

  32. E

    But perhaps because I’ve slept only 2 of the last 37 hours, I can’t seem to figure out where the hell the ’92 Dream Team is. I’ve activated my Early Tip-Off dealie.

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