Fortnite Apple Locations - Gain Health From Apples Challenge

Gain health from apples is one of the weekly challenges in Fortnite BR Season 8 Week 2. In order to complete it, you’ll have to consume several apples while damaged, in order to heal yourself. It won’t work if you’re not damaged. If you’re having trouble completing this challenge, keep reading our Fortnite apple locations guide and we’ll show you where to find the red fruit in season 8.

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fortnite br gain health from apples challenge
Fortnite Apple Locations – Gain Health From Apples Challenge

Gain health from apples

Remember, since the wording is pretty particular, the apples may not count when eaten at full health. It clearly states you need to gain health from them. If you’re still in pristine condition, make sure to take some fall damage or blow yourself up before nibbling on them.

As for the locations – a lot has changed. Many of the best orchards have been removed from the game these past few seasons, but there’s still plenty of fruit to go around. The best place to go is still the farmstead at Fatal Fields. There are orchards to the south and north of it – in fact, that entire triangle, between the snow, the desert and the volcano, is ripe for the picking. There’s one spot between Salty Springs and Dusty Divot, and another between Dusty Divot and the volcano. If you head towards Retail Row, you’ll find apple trees on the north and south sides of town.

fortnite br apple locations season 8

If you’re in the northwest, you could also go south of the Block. There’s another grove south of Haunted Hills, near the solitary house before the forest. This is one of those challenges that you’re meant to complete through regular play over a longer period of time, instead of grinding it all at once for the battle stars. It may take a while to complete, so don’t stress over it.

Gain health from campfires

When you’ve eaten all the apples, you’ll get to the second stage, which requires you to gain health from campfires. There’s about a dozen of them around the map, and using one should be enough if you make sure you’ve damaged yourself plenty. Here’s where you can find them:

fortnite br campfire locations challenge