Destroy Gorger Fortnite - Gorger Locations

Destroy Gorger is one of the weekly challenges in Fortnite. They’re a type of NPC, glowing robots that shoot laser beams at the players. You can imagine how hard it is to defeat them, when the challenge only requires you to destroy one. The first problem is finding a Gorger on the map, and the second problem is defeating it – they have a whole lot of health. This guide will help you complete the Destroy Gorger Fortnite challenge by showing you Gorger locations and how to destroy them.

destroy gorger fortnite gorger locations
Destroy Gorger Fortnite – Gorger Locations

Where to find Gorgers in Fortnite?

Gorgers spawn randomly across the map. Finding one is a matter of luck, basically. You’ll have to go around until you spot one. What makes things worse is that they won’t glow until they engage a player. However, there is a red beam fired into the sky when they spawn, which means you can spot them from the bus or the air. So keep your eyes open while you’re in the air and you should find one in no time.

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How to destroy Gorgers?

When you first fire a few shots at a Gorger, you’ll notice something’s wrong. Bullets do very little damage to them. Killing one with your regular weapons would take a lot of time and ammo. Thankfully, they have a weakness to their own weapons.

When you approach a Gorger, it’ll often spawn tiny robots known as Gatherers. They’re mostly harmless, and easy to kill. Once you destroy one, you can pick its remains up and use them as a weapon. They have unlimited ammo, and do quite a lot of damage to Gorgers. If you manage to grab one, you’ll just have to strafe around the Gorger and dodge its beams while you whittle its health down.

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