Salty Springs Flaming Ring Location in Fortnite Week 5 Challenge

Fortnite Flaming Ring in Salty Springs is one of the Season 4 Week 5 challenges for you to complete. It requires you to, in a vehicle, jump through the flaming ring at Salty Springs. The weekly challenge is fairly simple, but finding where the Salty Springs flaming ring might be difficult for some people. If you’re one of them, then our Salty Springs Flaming Ring Location in Fortnite Week 5 Challenge guide is the place for you.

salty springs flaming ring location in fortnite week 5 challenge
Salty Springs Flaming Ring Location in Fortnite Week 5 Challenge

Where to find Flaming Ring in Salty Springs – Fortnite Weekly Challenge

To find the Flaming Ring in Salty Springs and complete the Fortnite weekly challenge, you actually have to go a little bit south of the town itself. If you follow the road to the south, keep an eye out to the right. you’ll spot the giant flaming ring fairly easily, as well as the nearby ramp. As you might imagine, you’ll have to use it to propel yourself into the ring to complete the challenge.

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flaming ring salty springs where to find fortnite week 5 challenge
Salty Springs flaming ring location

So, it’s fairly obvious what has to happen now, right? Go and find the nearest car; there should be one right nearby, next to the pizza truck, but Salty Springs proper is full of them anyways. This shouldn’t be much of a problem. Anyways, once you get a car, head to the beginning of the ramp and drive a little bit away from it. You need some distance to pick up speed. Then, line yourself up carefully with the ramp, and floor it. If you’ve given yourself enough distance, you’ll have the speed to make the jump. This, of course, will depend on the car model.

So, that’s where you find the Flaming Ring in Salty Springs, and how to complete the Week 5 challenge. It might take you several tries, but you’ll get it eventually. If you need more help with this week’s challenges in Fortnite, check out some of our other guides. Among others, we’ve written Floating Rings at Coral Castle Locations, Trask Transport Truck Location, and Wolverine Spawn Location.

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