Fortnite Flare Gun Location - How to Get Flare Gun

Flare gun is a new weapon in Fortnite Battle Royale. It’s a gun that fires a signal rocket, a slow moving projectile that moves in an arc, and can set fire to buildings. It’s pretty rare, and since it’s new, everyone wants to get their hands on it as soon as possible. If you’re having trouble finding one, this guide will show you Fortnite flare gun location, to help you try out the new toy.

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fortnite flare gun location
Fortnite Flare Gun Location – How to Get Flare Gun

Where to find flare gun

You can get the flare gun the same way as any other weapon – from a chest, llama or supply drop. The problem is, the spawn chances are really low, so you might end up opening chests for hours before one actually shows up. The standard chest only has a 4% chance of containing a flare gun, while the rare chest, supply drop and llama have a little less than 10% chance of dropping it.

A shot from the flare gun does around 60 damage, which isn’t bad, but what really takes the cake is the fire damage – your target will continue to burn after getting shot, dealing additional damage over time. You only get six shots in it when you pick it up, and it seems that you can’t really reload it, so try to make every shot count. At this point, it seems like the signal flares should be saved for build battles, as they allow you to topple other players’ fortresses more easily.

We feel like the limited ammo and slow rate of fire were enough to reign in the destructive power of the fire, but the developers obviously felt that it shouldn’t be a common drop. Hopefully they change their mind and increase the drop rate in a future update, or else not many people will get to enjoy the new toy.


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