Hide in Secret Passages Locations in Fortnite Different Matches

Fortnite Hide in Secret Passages is a weekly challenge in the game, the objective of which is to find several of the secret passages hidden across the map. The secret passages are a new addition to the game, and some people might not know where to find them, or how you use them. So, we’re going to show you where to find these secret passages in our Hide in Secret Passages Locations in Fortnite Different Matches guide.

Hide in Secret Passages Locations in Fortnite Different Matches
Hide in Secret Passages Locations in Fortnite Different Matches

Where to Find Secret Passages to Hide in Fortnite?

To find and hide in the Secret Passages in Fortnite, there’s a number of places that you can explore. The first one is the northwest corner of Holly Hedges. There’s a garbage dumpster there that you can hop into. This will transport you to Safe House Echo, a little bit to the north of Holly Hedges. When you pop out of the port-a-potty, you can look to your left and find another dumpster that also has a secret passage. It’ll lead you to the small pond even further north.

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The second location that you can check out is to the east of Pleasant Park. If you follow the road leading east from Pleasant Park, you’ll come across a small diner on the left just before the bridge. Go behind the diner and hop into the dumpster. This will lead you into Pleasant Park. To the left of the port-a-potty, there’s a dumpster to jump into, which will lead you into Safe House Alpha. There’s even another port-a-potty inside the safe house that you can take to the south of Pleasant Park.

The third location you can check out are the three islands surrounding The Shark in the northwest of the map. Each of the islands has a port-a-potty that will lead you from one to the other. You can freely hop from island to island as you please.

secret passage locations in fortnite where to find

So, these are just several locations of secret passages in Fortnite. However, to complete the Hide in Secret Passages mission, you only need three, so this should be enough. Good luck, agents.

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