Fortnite Shadow Safe Houses Locations

Find Shadow Safe Houses is one of the new challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale. Despite the plural used in the description, in order to complete it, you’ll have to find just one of these secret bases and enter it. There are several of them on the map, and all are accessed in the same way. If you’re having trouble finding or entering them, this guide is going to show you Fortnite Shadow safe house locations.

fortnite shadow safe houses locations
Fortnite Shadow Safe House Locations

Where to find Shadow safe houses?

There are several of these in various locations on the map – or rather, under the map – but you only need to visit one. They’re all accessed through innocuous environmental objects like public toilets and dumpsters, which then use a system of tubes to transport you to the safe house itself.

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The first one we found is in Pleasant Park. It’s under the soccer field, in the southern part of the settlement. To access it, you’ll have to go to the gas station in the east part of town. There’s a public toilet behind the station. Go into the booth and you’ll be transported to safe house Alpha.

The next one is east of Frenzy Farm, in the yellowed part of the map northeast of the center. There’s a bus station near the green bridge there, with a small building next to it. Don’t mind the toilet next to the building – that one’s just a decoy. Go inside instead, and you’ll find another toilet – that’s the right one.

There’s also one in the hills east of Craggy Cliffs, halfway between it and the nuclear reactor at Steamy Stacks. The building is unmistakable, sitting alone atop a hill with a big antenna. Since this one isn’t underground, you can just walk in through the door, but you might have trouble with the henchmen. If you want the element of surprise on your side, jump into the nearby dumpster.

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