Path of Exile Delirium Challenge League Starting Next Month

In case you haven’t been following it closely, Path of Exile has been constantly updated for the past 7+ years. The next update is called Delirium, and it’s going to be released on March 13th, which is, coincidentally, a Friday. It’ll bring a new challenge league to the game, along with the Cluster Jewel system, which allows you to expand the game’s already dizzying skill tree, new skills and support gems, items and various improvements to the Atlas endgame.

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path of exile delirium trailer
Path of Exile Delirium Challenge League Starting Next Month

You can watch a trailer that showcases the new league (and has a nifty piece of developer commentary) over on ye olde Youtube. If you’re short on time or have an unaccountable hatred of video as a format, here’s the skinny:

The new league will introduce a new map state called Delirium. When you enter it, either by touching a special, ominous mirror, or by using up special shards, the map will become enveloped in a malevolent mist. The change isn’t just cosmetic, as the mist bears stronger monsters and better rewards. The game bills them as “your worst nightmare”, but they’re obviously plain old skeletons, not clowns dressed in drag, singing Lili Marlene in a strong, East German accent.

Apart from the league, the biggest novelty is the Cluster Jewel system, which will allow players to use the eponymous jewels to expand the passive skill tree. Cluster jewels can be placed in special sockets in the outermost nodes of the web, which then adds more nodes to it. So yeah, if you’re one of the two people who thought Path of Exile’s skill tree was not confusing at all and could actually do with some more depth, you’re going to enjoy this.

The developer from the video also mentions new items and “improvements” to the Atlas endgame, but since those weren’t showcased, we’ll just have to wait for March 13th in order to check them out.

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