Fortnite BR How to Fix Screen Size on PlayStation 4

Fixing the screen size in Fortnite has been a bit of an issue since Chapter 2 has come out, and it seems to especially be targeting console players on PS4. The Fortnite Chapter 2 PS4 screen size problem is just growing pains, and the devs will fix it pretty soon. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s a problem and present, and who wants to wait until the issue is solved? With that in mind, our Fortnite BR How to Fix Screen Size on PlayStation 4 guide will show you exactly how to change screen size in Fortnite Chapter 2 on PS4.

Fortnite BR How to Fix Screen Size on PlayStation 4
Fortnite BR How to Fix Screen Size on PlayStation 4

How to Change Screen Size in Fortnite on PS4?

To change the screen size on Fortnite on PlayStation 4, and really on any platform, there are several methods that you can try. On PlayStation 4, you can try going into the Settings menu in the game itself. Scroll to the Game tab. Go to Uncap Framerate and flip it to “On,” then do the same with “Invert View.” On PC, it’s even simpler than that. Once again, go into the Settings menu, then select Video. Find Window Mode, and switch from Windowed to Fullscreen.

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Another method, and we are getting into more drastic territory, is to fiddle around with the settings of your monitor or TV. You can try setting it to Wide Screen. Or, you can go into the Picture Size or Picture Mode section of your monitor / TV settings, or whatever it might be for you, and try playing with that. Try things like Movie, or Screen Fit. Also, you can see what turning off Overscan might do. This method has the advantage of allowing you to remain in the game and see the results.

On PlayStation specifically, though, there’s an option that completely eliminates the need to mess around with your screen. Go into Settings, then scroll down to Sound and Screen. From there, select Display Area Settings. You can now enlarge or shrink the screen as you please. True, you do have to exit the game to perform these steps, so you won’t really be able to see what you’re doing. At least the settings of your screen remain intact, though. On Xbox One, press the Home button on your controller, go to the System tab, then to Settings. Go to Display & Sound, select Video Output, and then Calibrate TV. Keep hitting Next until it’s over.

All that said, there are two things that we have to mention. One, these methods are just proverbial bandages on the wound. They will very likely work, but both also mean that you’ll have to reset your settings to whatever your defaults were after you’re done playing. Luckily, there’s the second thing: Epic is aware of the problem, and are working to solve it. So, this issue shouldn’t be bothering you for too long.

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