Fortnite BR Salty Springs Chest Locations - Week 8 Challenge

Search chests in Salty Springs is one of the new challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale. If you want to compelete this week 8 challenge, you’ll have to find and open seven chests in the quiet residential area south from the giant crater. There are thirteen of them in total, but they’re well hidden in the attics and basements of the local houses. If you get stuck and need some help, our Fortnite BR Salty Springs chest locations guide will provide it.

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Search chests in Salty Springs

You’ll find the first chest in the southwestern house. It spawns in the attic, so your best bet would be to land on the roof and break it. The second chest is in the house with the log propped up against it, in the middle of the area. It’s in a small room in the basement.

Another two chests can spawn in the house with the log – one in the upper attic, another in the lower. The latter can be seen through the hole from midair, so you don’t even have to land there if you don’t spot it.

If you’re lucky, you can get two by landing on the big red house in the east of the area. There’s one in the upper attic, and another in the lower (the one above the garage).

If you go to the northeastern corner of town, you can look inside the gas station there. A chest sometimes spawns by the window farthest from the door. Afterwards, you can look in the other red house, the one in the northwestern corner. There’s a chest in the attic above the entrance.

The upper attic of the big red house also holds a chest. Afterwards, you could go to the blue house in the west. There’s a chest in the attic, and you can easily get it if you land there.

There are three more chests in the blue house. One in the basement, in a bathroom. For the other two, you’ll have to go under the stairs and jump through the hole into the secret base. You’ll find another behind the console, and the third one next to the fitness equipment.