Make a Stark Robot Dance Fortnite Weekly Challenge

Fortnite Make a Stark Robot Dance weekly challenge is a new challenge in Chapter 4, Season 4, Week 5. As the name implies, to complete the challenge, you have to make a Stark Robot dance. Sounds simple enough, but you do have to figure out two things. The first one is where to find Stark Robots, and then how exactly to make them dance. We’ll answer both of those questions in our Make a Stark Robot Dance Fortnite Weekly Challenge guide.

make a stark robot dance fortnite weekly challenge
Make a Stark Robot Dance Fortnite Weekly Challenge

Where to Find Stark Robots in Fortnite

To find Stark robots in Fortnite, your best bet is probably to go to Stark Industries compound on the map. You know where it is by now, so I don’t think you need our assistance with that. It’s also very obvious where it is on the map, so I doubt you’ll have trouble there. Plus, it’s crawling with robots, which is handy for your needs.

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Your second option to find Stark Robots is to locate the Quinjet. To find the Avengers airplane, look at the map and find the white icon in the shape of it. There’s always around five or so Stark Robots in the vicinity. This is simply the alternate option if Stark Industries is full of people, as it probably will be.

where to find stark robots fortnite
Go to Stark Industries or the Quinjet

How to Make a Stark Robot Dance in Fortnite

To make a Stark Robot dance for the Fortnite weekly challenge, you first have to knock one down. Don’t destroy it completely, just bring it to its knees. If there’s more robots in the vicinity, you might have to knock them down, too, just to avoid getting killed.

how to make a stark robot dance fortnite weekly challenge
Knock a Stark robot down, hack it, and do a dance

Once you knock down a Stark Robot, approach it and then hack it by completing the button prompt (it’s holding E on PC, for example). After you hack it, all you have to do is perform any dance that you have in your Emotes. If you’ve done everything correctly, the robot will do, well, the robot, and you’ll complete the Make a Stark Robot Dance Fortnite weekly challenge. If you need help with something else, check out other guides, such as Wolverine Spawn Location.

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