Fortnite New Weapons - Mythic Shockwave Launcher & Charge Shotgun

A new season of Fortnite has started, and it has brought some new weapons along with it. New mythic weapons, to be precise – a shockwave launcher and a charge shotgun. They’re rare, they’re different, and you’re either going to love or hate them. If you’re wondering what the new additions do and where to find them, this guide will show you how they work and how to get the Fortnite new mythic weapons.

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fortnite new mythic weapons
Fortnite New Weapons – Mythic Shockwave Launcher & Charge Shotgun

New mythic weapons in Fortnite

From what we’ve seen, you can get both of these mythic new weapons from a henchman. It’s a new kind of henchman, called Kit. It’s a bipedal robot with a cat head, and it can be found in Catty Corner. It looks like the game treats it like a boss, so be careful when you do find it. We’ve seen it drop both of these weapons on death, so going after it would be your best bet if you want to give them a go.

The mythic shockwave launcher is a grenade launcher that replaces standard frag grenades with shockwave ones. This means it won’t do damage to those caught in the blast radius, instead throwing them in a particular direction. Useful if you want to push people off cliffs or man-made structures, but also great for rocket jumping. Remember rocket jumping? It uses standard rocket ammo, which you should keep in mind if you want to use it in combination with other explosive weapons.

The charge shotgun, on the other hand, is pretty much what it says on the tin. It’s a shotgun which has to charge up before you can shoot it. Every time, yeah. Since it’s slow to shoot, there has to be an upside, and it’s the massive damage output. Using it well requires much more planning than I’m comfortable with, but maybe you’ll like it better.

UPDATE: There are four more mythic weapons that come from two other boss henchmen. Ocean drops the mythic chug jug and mythic burst assault rifle, while Jules drops the mythic grapple gun and mythic drum gun. If you want to know where to find them, check out our Fortnite boss locations – Kit, Ocean, Jules guide.

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