Fortnite Pirate Cannon Locations - Deal Damage Weekly Challenge

Pirate Cannon locations in Fortnite are a major part of the Season 8 Week 2 challenges. One of the Fortnite Week 2 Season 8 challenges is to deal damage to enemies with Pirate Cannons. So, the question of where to find Pirate Cannons in Fortnite becomes important. Some of them are in obvious places; others, however, much less so. That said, here’s our Fortnite Pirate Cannon Locations – Deal Damage Weekly Challenge guide will show you where to find the pirate cannons to help you complete the challenge.

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Fortnite Pirate Cannon Locations Deal Damage Weekly Challenge
Fortnite Pirate Cannon Locations – Deal Damage Weekly Challenge

Where to Find Pirate Cannons in Fortnite Weekly Challenge?

To find Pirate Cannon locations in Fortnite, there’s many locations that you can check out. Most of them are in pirate camps (for more info on those locations, check out our guide on Pirate Camp locations), but there are some cannons tucked away in less obvious places. We’ll start with the Jungle area, encompassing the Volcano and Lazy Lagoon. There are three Pirate Cannon locations in this region. One is on the giant pirate ship moored in Lazy Lagoon. Also, on the cliff just south of Lazy Lagoon, you can find one more set of cannons.

where to find pirate cannons fortnite weekly challenge
South of Lazy Lagoon

Another location is the pirate camp northeast of Lazy Lagoon, where the golf courses used to be. Lastly, you can go to the southeast base of the volcano, where another pirate camp lies.

Next up, we’re moving to the completely opposite corner of the map, into the snow. The first location is a pirate outpost in the northeast of the snowy area, northeast of the frozen lake, and southwest of Tilted Towers. You can also find a Pirate Cannon in a trailer behind a truck, marked with a pirate flag. The truck is west of the bridge between Happy Hamlet and Lucky Landing. There’s another one in a trailer, behind a large car, northwest of Happy Hamlet.

Changing biomes radically yet again; there’s also one pirate outpost in the Desert area. You can find it northwest from Paradise Palms. In fact, it’s in the northwest corner of the desert area, where the bridge connecting it to the rest of the map used to be.

Lastly, there are several Pirate Cannon locations strewn across the rest of the map. For example, the pirate camp on top of the mountain east of the snow biome; at the edge of the snow, to be exact. The mountain in question is the one southwest of Shifty Shafts and northwest of Fatal Fields. You can also find a dump truck with a cannon in it southeast of Junk Junction.

where to find junk junction fortnite pirate cannon
Southeast of Junk Junction

Another outpost is southwest of Pleasant Park, just south of the nearby mountain. The final place is near Dusty Divot. Go to the hill east of Dusty, then go to the north of it, and you’ll find the pirate camp.

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