Fortnite Treasure Map Points to Buried Treasure Location

Treasure maps are a new item in Fortnite Battle Royale. They’ve been added in patch v8.01, and they’ll lead whoever finds them to a cache of buried treasure. We’ve seen them in action, so we’re going to explain how they work in detail, with some help from Epic’s patch notes.

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fortnite treasure map
Fortnite Treasure Map Points to Buried Treasure Location

Treasure maps in Fortnite BR

First of all, you’ll need to find a map. They can spawn as either floor loot or in chests, and they’re somewhat rare. Once you’ve got a map, it’ll point you towards the place where the buried treasure is. Just follow the dotted line that appears on screen, and you’ll reach the X after a while. Once you do, pull out your pickaxe and start digging. After a couple of swings, you’ll uncover a special chest. Open it, and it’ll start raining golden weapons.

Each chest will contain several legendary weapons and a bunch of consumable items. You can only carry one map at a time, which sounds like a downside, but really isn’t. How many gold items can you really carry? It looks like the X’s don’t even appear unless you’ve got the map on you, which means other players won’t be able to pilfer what’s rightfully yours before you get there. Or die and relinquish the map, obviously.

We’ve only found the map once, in Playground mode, and it was on the hill with the camp site, north of Sunny Steps, in the northeastern corner of the map. We’ve seen videos of people finding them in chests, aboard the ship in Lazy Lagoon, and various other places. It would seem they’re completely random, which is probably for the best. We really don’t need a particular spot where all the power hungry players will land in search of three golden guns.

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