Pokemon GO Squirtle Community Day Happening on July 8th

The next community day in Pokemon GO has been announced. It will take place two weeks from now, on July 8th, and it will revolve around Squirtle. You’ll also be able to enjoy some of the other bonuses through the duration of the event, such as longer-lasting lures and quartered egg-hatching distances.

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Pokemon GO Squirtle Community Day Happening on July 8th
Pokemon GO Squirtle Community Day Happening on July 8th

Niantic is finally bringing in some features into Pokemon GO that people have been asking for ever since the game launched. Soon, trainers will be able to trade Pokemon with people and generally interact with trainers on their friends list. We’ve covered this in our article on how to add friends & increase friendship level in Pokemon GO. They’re also still moving forward with the Community Day events. The next one is going to happen on Sunday, July 8th, 2018. It will start at 11 AM Pacific Daylight Time / 2 PM Pacific Daylight Time / 8 PM Central European Summer Time, and last for three hours. This time around, the spotlight will be on one of the starter Pokemon (and my personal favorite starter), Squirtle.

As is always the case with Community Days, you’ll be able to make use of different bonuses during the three hours of the event. The first bonus is the increased duration of Lures. Specifically, Lures are going to last for three hours. So, basically, throughout the whole event. Also, Egg catch distances will be cut to a quarter of what they usually are, so you might want to stock up on Lucky Eggs and Incubators. And, of course, your Squirtle will be able to learn a new, exclusive move during the event.

As for the previous Community Day, which was all about Larvitar, well, Team Mystic won, having taken first place in Europe, Africa, and Latin America. Team Valor came in second, dominating in Asia and Australia. Team Instinct came in last, winning only in North America.

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