Fortnite Season 6 & Live Event Release Date & Time

Fortnite Season 6 is just around the corner, and the devs at Epic Games have announced it’s going to start with a Fortnite live event. It’s going to be a solo affair in which we’ll see the finale of Agent Jones’ mission in Zero Crisis. According the them, the live event is going to “influence reality”, which probably means we’ll see the new, updated map come into being. If you’re wondering when does Fortnite new season 6 come out, keep reading our Fortnite Season 6 & live event release date & time guide.

fortnite season 6 live event release date time
Fortnite Season 6 & Live Event Release Date & Time

When does Fortnite season 6 come out?

Season 6 is going to start on March 16th – that’s all we know at this point. Epic haven’t shared specifics about the exact time, but if we look at when some of the previous seasons started, we can assume it’s going to go live at 9AM GMT/10AM CET/4AM EST/1AM PST.

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We’ll keep an eye out and we’ll update this page if they do decide to share some more details, but don’t hold your breath.

What time is the Fortnite live event?

The live event is going to be the first thing you play when you log in for the first time after Season 6 starts. You won’t be able to miss it, not unless you miss the entire season. If you want to check it out ahead of playing, there’s going to be a global premiere, probably at the same time as the start of the season.

The devs have mentioned they’ll share details about the exact timing of the global premiere before release. If previous events are anything to go by, it will be somewhere between 6PM and 9PM GMT (11AM – 2PM PDT). We’ll keep our eyes peeleed and we’ll update this article as soon as they release it. Stay tuned!

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