Pokemon Sword & Shield Coming to Switch in Late 2019

Nintendo just announced the new mainline Pokemon game. As is customary, it’ll come in two flavors – Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. The eighth generation of pocket monsters is going to arrive to Nintendo Switch in late 2019, and they’ve released a trailer showing off some of the environments, characters, as well as the three starter Pokemon.

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pokemon sword shield announced
Pokemon Sword & Shield Coming to Switch in Late 2019

This is the first time an main entry in the series comes out on a home console – well, partly-home in any case. It’s going to take place in the Galar region, which has a bunch of environments, including “idyllic countryside, contemporary cities, thick forests, and craggy, snow-covered mountains”. There’s a heavy industrial vibe in some parts of the trailer – steam machines, giant cogwheels, mines and such seem to be prominent.

It’s going to be 3D, with a cell-shaded style and what we can see in the trailer is quite pretty. As for the gameplay, it seems like you can expect the usual fare – roam around the map, barge into people’s homes, battle other trainers, sneak through the tall grass to catch that rare Pikocho, become the very best – like no one ever was. You know, the good stuff.

The trailer also shows off the three starter Pokemons – Grookey, Scorbunny and Sobble. Grookey is a grass type chimp that’s “full of boundless curiosity”, a green thing that looks like a cross between a monkey and a parrot. Scorbunny is a fire type rabbit, and honestly, the most boring-looking of the bunch. Sobble is a sad, sad water type lizard with the ability to camouflage itself. And that’s pretty much all the info we’ve got. We suggest you take a look at the video below – it’ll give you a clear idea of what to expect. Although, if we’re being honest – if you’ve been a Pokefan for a while, you probably already know what the expect.

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