One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows Launch Trailer Released

One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows is going to be released on February 28th, and Bandai Namco have released the launch trailer. Even though it hasn’t launched. Go figure. Anyway, the video is two minutes long, and it’s just a string of KOs performed by Saitama. I suspect the intention behind the video was to showcase the various characters – both heroes and monsters – that are often what makes or breaks a fighting game.

one punch man launch trailer
One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows Launch Trailer Released

I still can’t get over how good the idea sounds on paper. You’d think a One Punch Man videogame couldn’t possibly be done well, what with Saitama being Saitama. However, there’s a catch – you don’t actually play as him. You play as other characters, and as the bout progresses, your Saitama-meter slowly fills up. When it’s full, he appears out of nowhere and takes your place in combat. He’s invulnerable and a single punch from him means victory.You end up with an engaging combat game that stays true to the source material – at least that’s how I hope it’ll turn out.

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As for the trailer, you can watch it here. If you don’t have the two minutes, I’m going to list everyone who appears in it, in order of appearance: Vaccine Man, Genos, Hellish Blizzard, Mosquito Girl, Mumen Rider, Speed-o’-Sound Sonic, Carnage Kabuto, Tank-Top Tiger, Tank-Top Blackhole, Tank-Top Master, “Snakebite” Snek, Spring Mustachio, Crablante (although fighting him as post-hair loss Saitama is decidedly non-canon), Deep Sea King, Terrible Tornado, Metal Knight, Metal Bat, Child Emperor, Handsome Kamen Amai Mask, Stinger, Atomic Samurai, Silverfang, Puri-puri Prisoner, Melzargard and Boros.

Of course, they’ve already announced the Season Pass. It’s going to contain four character packs – the first one, coming in April, is Suiryu. Another one is coming in the spring, with another two in the summer. The latter of those two is Garou – even I can tell that from the silhouette.

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