Shooting Gallery Locations - Fortnite BR Weekly Challenge

Shoot 3 targets at different shooting galleries is one of the weekly challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale. In order to complete this week 4 battle pass challenge in season 6, you’ll have to find five shooting galleries and shoot three targets at each. If you want to finish it as quickly as possible, follow our Fortnite BR Shooting Gallery locations guide.

fortnite br shooting gallery locations
Fortnite BR Shooting Gallery Locations

Get a score of 3 or more at different shooting galleries

There’s one right next to the newly opened diner at Dusty Divot. It’s by the overturned truck to the west. The first targets will pop up between the nearby trees. Shoot one, and it will collapse, while another one pops up. Once you’ve shot three, you’ll win and the shooting range will register as visited.

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The next one is near the farm at Fatal Fields. There is a hillock west of the farm, the one south of the corrupted area, with no buildings on it. Land there, and you won’t be able to miss the shooting gallery at the top. The targets will pop up in a circle around you.

Then there’s the one in the desert. You’ll find it northwest of Paradise Palms, on a hill near the edge of the desert. It’s the one west of the diner/rest stop in the north of the area.

After you’re done with that one, you can head north into the forest to look for another shooting range. It’s in the eastern part of Wailing Woods, directly to the east from the hedge maze.

There’s another one nearby. It’s north of the forest, in the plains close to Risky Reels. Look for the truck on the top of the cliff northeast of the Risky, and you’ll find the shooting range below it.

We’re going to keep playing, and we’ll update the guide if we run into any more shooting galleries – especially ones in unpopular places, where you could work on the challenge in peace.

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