Corrupted Eggs Locations - Ouroborea Ascendant Plane - Destiny 2

Corrupted Eggs in Destiny 2 Ouroborea Ascendant Plane are a valuable source of exotic gear. You can find the Ouroborea Ascendant Plane corrupted eggs hidden in several locations around the map. You have to break them to get the exotics, and you can only do so with the Wish-Ender Exotic Bow. They are pretty well-hidden, and the general atmosphere of the Ascendant Plane makes things even harder. With that in mind, here’s our Destiny 2 Ouroborea Ascendant Plane Corrupted Eggs locations guide to hopefully help you out.

Destiny 2 Corrupted Eggs Locations - Ouroborea Ascendant Plane
Destiny 2 Corrupted Eggs Locations – Ouroborea Ascendant Plane

Where to Find Corrupted Egg Locations in Destiny 2 Ouroborea Ascendant Plane?

To find Corrupted Egg locations in the Ouroborea Ascendant Plane, you’ll have to explore the area pretty carefully. This is a problem for several regions. For one, the place is really dark. For another, enemies will be on your ass constantly. To get the first Corrupted Egg, face the statue that you come across after teleporting into the area. Head left of the shallow pool in front of the statue, across the short bridge. On the next platform, head to the upper right, between the black pillars, and go down the stairs. When you cross the next short bridge to the next circular platform, look to the right into the distance to spot the Corrupted Egg.

For the next Corrupted Egg, go all the way back to the the central area, with the statue and hovering, glowing rocks. This time, go to the right of the pool. Cross the longer bridge until the overgrown part gives way to the white-paved part. At the crossroads, head to the right. Keep your eyes on the left and down of the bridge to spot the glowing Corrupted Egg. Shoot it to get the goodies inside.

The third Corrupted Egg in the Ouroborea Ascendant Plane is pretty much the simplest to find. As soon as you teleport into the Plane, do a 180 and walk to the edge of the cliff. Take a good look into the distance, and you’ll likely spot the Corrupted Egg pretty easily.

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