Escalation Protocol Weapon Drop Chance Schedule - Destiny 2

Escalation protocol is one of the activities in Destiny 2. It was introduced in the Warmind expansions, and it’s an important part of the PvE ecosystem on Mars. It’s the only reliable way to get IKELOS weapons – the shotgun, sniper rifle and SMG – which is why a lot of people like to replay it. However, not all three of these weapons are available each week. After the weekly reset, the availability changes. Based on the pattern that was consistently used until now, our Destiny 2 Escalation Protocol weapon drop chance schedule guide will show you when you can get each of these guns.

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destiny 2 escalation protocol weapon drop chance schedule
Destiny 2 Escalation Protocol Weapon Drop Chance Schedule

IKELOS weapon drop chances

The weapons all drop from the final boss, the one encountered in Wave 7. A recent patch has introduced the option to replay the final two waves after killing the boss, essentially allowing players to farm the formidable foe if they so wish. Since the IKELOS weapons are plain engrams, and do not require you to bring a Decrypted Cache Key, unlike the armor pieces. However, since not all off them are available each week, you’ll need to plan accordingly.

Here’s a list showing which weapons will be available during which week for the next few months (the date listed being the day of the weekly reset):

March 5th: All three
March 12th: All three
March 19th: Shotgun
March 26th: SMG
April 2nd: Sniper rifle
April 9th: All three
April 16th: All three
Apil 23rd: Shotgun
April 30th: SMG
May 7th: Sniper rifle
May 14th: Shotgun
May 21st: SMG
May 28th: Sniper Rifle
June 4th: All three

As you can see, the pattern is pretty clear – they go one by one for three weeks, followed by two weeks of all three being available. This means that if you’re looking to farm them, you might have to wait almost a month to get to the point where all three are in the rotation again. Worse still, if you need just one, you need to check if it’s available that week before wasting time and resources on EP.

Thanks to Reddit user u/RiseOfBacon for cracking the code and compiling the info.

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  1. R

    What is the drop percentage for the ikelos weapons. I’ve completed level 7 at least 7 times, but I’ve never had a weapon drop up to this point. Frustrating!

    1. N

      there is no set drop chance unfortunately, but destiny is a grindy game so youre definitley gonna have to do a lot more. it took me 16 kills to get my first weapon

    2. B


      1. G

        I have over 68 Completion and 1 gun.

        1. R

          Well I guess my rng is god like it took me 2 completions

    3. A
      Aisha Hussein

      I have played wave 7 16 times and only got two duplicates of the SMG.

  2. B

    Oh my lord..finally got the shotgun after the 4th try!!! I’m so glad I stumbled to your website. Didn’t know the exact drop dates for each weapon.

  3. X

    After the nth try over several weeks finally I got an Ikelos shotgun. Thanks for an accurate schedule to know when to grind this out!

  4. A
    Adak Attu

    I have done it about 59 times and have not gotten any weapon but thankfully thunder,led is broken and you can kill all bosss in a anger of 40 or 50 seconds with doing there special things

  5. D

    Wow you guys must have god rng, I’ve done 36 kills with no weapon

  6. J

    I got the shotgun on my 1st try and the smg on my 3rd

  7. A

    This is false i got the shotgun the 3rd of june. It should have been the sniper according to this list. I had all weapons except the sniper. Just wasted 3 days of grinding…..

  8. L

    this list is incorrect by 2 weeks ahead

  9. R
    Ryan Gole

    It took me 36 clears to get a drop and it was the smg

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