Fortnite Unrecoverable Error on Startup Fix

If you are receiving the “The application encountered an unrecoverable error” message in Fortnite, you are far from being the only one. Fortnite players have been experiencing numerous errors since the battle royale’s release. That’s somewhat to be expected for such a big game, with constant updates. The latest issue that has been plaguing the player base has to do with the “Unrecoverable Error” message. If you are suffering due to this error as well, here’s what we know about it.

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Fortnite Unrecoverable Error on Startup Fix

Fortnite The Application Encountered an Unrecoverable Error Solution

As we’ve explained, this is a relatively new issue. It started appearing following the V21.20 update on Wednesday, July 6th, 2022. It is an issue solely related to those players who play the game on PC via the Epic Games Store. Players who have received this issue report that they have tried all the standard troubleshooting steps, but nothing seems to work.

Rebooting the game and your PC will not solve the issue. Verifying the game files doesn’t work as well, and even reinstalling the game and the anti-cheat didn’t do the trick. Players with the issue report that they have the latest GPU drivers, up-to-date Windows, and have installed the latest Fortnite patch.

Unfortunately, for now, it seems that we simply need to wait for the developers to fix the issue. The good news is that they are aware of the problem, and are actively working on finding the cause in order to find the solution.

“We can work with Byfron to investigate. That said, I think we have a lead on what it is and are working on the fix,” wrote Epic Games developer MagmaReef. So, as you can see, the developers are getting closer to finding the solution for this annoying bug. As soon as they fix it, we will update the article. Do you maybe know some way to bypass this issue? Tell us in the comments!

Fortnite The Application Encountered an Unrecoverable Error Solution
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  1. K

    yes this is happening to me if you have any solutions pls txt my insta gram @brrkins thanks

  2. K
    Käptn Kaos

    Thanks for the article. Yesterday it was a blank error message that made me think this updated would end Fortnite on my 10 years old Win7-64 notebook with Intel HD4000 onboard graphics. Today it’s the unrecoverable error message. Good to know that I am not the only one and the developers are working on a solution.

  3. K

    it’s happening to me too… :l

  4. K
    Kevin Patel

    I was freaking out, I thought that I got hacked because I watched so many videos trying to fix it but it never fixed. Good thing I found this article now I guess I’ll just have to wait and play valorant or roblox.

  5. K

    The game won’t start up for me and I tried everything to fix it

  6. S
    Spade Only

    It’s happening to me too, it’s gotten me worried that I won’t be able to participate in the FNCS tomorrow which I was really looking forward to 🙁

  7. G
    Guilherme Roque

    thanks for the article, I hope this bug gets fixed quickly, the Thor skin just got leaked and I want to cop it!!!!

    1. R

      did it fix for u guys yet?

  8. 3

    had happen yesterday; after a memory redline w/ battleye and force quit i was able to load up and play – got kicked off in the middle of a game, reloaded and played for an hour. today it’s a failure each time, nothing has changed

  9. C

    I literally reset my whole enitre pc and reinstalled everything tried everything installed windows 11 and looked it up online just to know that it is epixs fault bro

  10. S

    Everytime we have an update there is another issue. This has been the worst, with no access. Relying on info from random sites is crap. Epic need to do better

  11. B

    OUt of everyone it happends to me
    when im just trying to play arena and get to champs i hop on and i catn get on. its really annoying i hope this gets fixed 🙂

  12. K
    Kevin Patel

    It fixed for me today right now so go try if it works for you guys.

  13. L
    Lord BUSV

    Yesterday it was a blank error message. Tomorrow “This Application Encountered an Unrecoverable Error” message and this afternoon a blank error message again!

  14. R
    raul ares martinez

    Hey friend Käptn Kaos.. i play on windows 7 and i got a AMD FX 6100 processor and Graphic card HD Radeon 6570 and ya i got the same blank error message and now after the lastest update i got ” the application encountered an unrecoverable error ” so.. we have almost the same computer and i cant play fortnite since 3 days ago or 4 . Something specific is that I went to an internet booth where they use windows 10 and the game entered normally in that place… I also saw a video of the youtuber “Happy power” where Hypex says on his twitter that epic games has implemented a new anti-cheating system and that system was not compatible with windows 7 and at the moment I don’t know how to hate playing, I assume that they are still looking for the solution… I hope they can solve the problem brother… I understand you and I feel the same, already I want to play… let’s wait for them to solve this, meanwhile let’s play other games to clear our minds of worries.

  15. Q

    Did you do anything? Like uninstall or anything? Or did it just automatically fix for you when the game updated

  16. O
    Owen Mickan

    I’m still having the “This Application Encountered an Unrecoverable Error” click ok to create a memory dump, then please share. It’s been 21hrs since epic games said it was gonna fix is anyone else on pc able to load there game?

  17. A

    That’s unfair. I want to buy the loserfruit skin but can’t get it becqause of this error.

  18. G

    Still not fixed what’s taking Epic games so long, ever since the last patch update everything is haywire on Windows 7 and possibly 10 as well.

  19. M

    Still the same problem today… Any news?

  20. D

    I have Windows 7 on one hard drive and Windows 10 on a different hard drive both in the same computer. Fortnite is installed on both hard drives. It works under Windows 10 but won’t load in Windows 7 since the July 6th update. Reading the Win 7 log files for Fortnite shows an error “shcore.dll missing”. It is not in Windows 7 anywhere (and is apparently not available until Windows 8 per a bit of research) but it is in Windows 10 in the usual spot – \Windows\system32. Not sure if this is the problem but might be related. I contacted Byfron and they are aware of it and working on a solution. Hopefully soon…

  21. M

    So far, there is nothing new, and the problem has not been resolved by the developers. I have submitted more than one complaint and have not found any interest. Unfortunately, it seems that I will leave this game

  22. D
    durante couch

    I still have this problem, I don’t know when epic games is going to solve it but it’s been literally 4 days in which they still haven’t solved it..

  23. R
    Ricky Ellis

    Same issue again today, except I get the blank error box instead of the “unrecoverable error” box. The game did update again, I thought this would have been the patch, but NO BUENO.

    1. R

      Got the game working!
      Run Epic Games launcher as administrator.
      Goto Library, verify files.
      Then launch game. (It did a small update)
      But now I have an issue on the sound/ mic. The game works now, and sound/ mic works great for Solo, but when I try to join party, it drops and gets very squelchy.

  24. A

    This issue is still in the game. Why didn’t they fix this? I wanted to play Fortnite, because I thought that they would fix this in today’s update.
    When it started I thought that I did something and it broke, but I did some research and found out that I am not the only one who have this problem. Please, fix this.

  25. S

    Hi guys, i launch epic games launcher as administrator. Then in library i used verify, and then launch game, and yesyesyesyes, its works :)) My op.syst: Win7, and directx11.

    1. R
      Ricky Ellis

      YES, this worked!
      Run game Epic Games as administrator.
      Library, verify files.
      Then launch game.

  26. L
    Lord BUSV

    It seems work! After an update from version 21.20 CL-20978394 TO 21.20 CL-21035704 it works on Windows 7!

  27. P
    player in Fortnite

    unfortunatly last fix doesn’t work

  28. M

    Also for me it worked again, however, still something is wrong with the sound/mic. Mic doesn’t work in multiplayer mode and sound blocks sometimes.

    1. R

      Same issue for me on the sound/ mic. The game works now, and sound/ mic works great for Solo, but when I try to join party, it drops and gets very squelchy.

      1. R

        Does anyone have a fix for this sound/ party chat issue?
        Thanks, Rick

  29. B

    It seems it was a compatibility problem with Win 7 in the last update. Win 10 was ok, but my Win 7 system would give the errors described above. Tried it again yesterday (23rd July) and it updated and now works. Anybody who had Win 7, give it a go now.

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