Genshin Impact 1.4 Hidden Achievements

Several hidden achievements have been added to Genshin Impact in update 1.4. Most of them are unlocked by completing hangout quests and unlocking certain endings within them, but some are not tied to this activity. All of them will reward you with primogems, so it’s good to know how to unlock them. If you’re wondering about any one in particular, our Genshin Impact 1.4 hidden achievements guide will show you how to get them all.

genshin impact hidden achievements
Genshin Impact 1.4 Hidden Achievements

A Line That May Be Crossed

This achievement is worth 20 primogems, and you can get it by completing Wellspring of Healing and unlocking all endings. If you need help with it, our Barbara hangout endings guide will show you what to do.

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An Idol’s Last Line of Defense

This one’s worth only 5 primogems, but it adds up. You can get it by persuading Albert to leave, then doing the same with Herman, Shulz and Susie later on. This means you have to unlock two of Barbara’s endings – Untimely Enthusiasm and A Holiday in Mondstadt.

Mondstadt’s Spiciest Surprise

To get this one, you’ll have to sample Barbara’s Chilibrew. This means unlocking the Taste of Hard Work ending – you’ll get 5 primogems for the effort.

Fantastic Voyage: Prologue

This one’s worth 20 primogems, and you’ll get it by completing Fantastic Voyage and unlocking all five endings. If you’re having trouble with any of them, our Bennett hangout endings guide will tell you what to do.

Archaic Lord of Lightning and Blitz

This one’s worth 5 primogems, and to get it, you need to “witness the awesome meteorological power of Bennett’s phenomenally bad luck”. In other words, unlock the Hast Farewell ending.

The Power of Luck

This one’s worth only 5 primogems, which is a shame, since the only way to get it is by activating the mechanism in the dungeon without any mistakes. If you need help with that, our Bennett hangout puzzle solution guide has your back.

You could hear Paimon all along, couldn’t you?

This one’s pretty weird, but it’s essentially 5 free primogems, so why not? To get it, you need to go to the menu, open up the settings, go to the audio tab and keep changing the dialogue volume value until it pops up.

Force Field Erosion

This one’s pretty easy, too. To get it, you need to destroy the Electro Hypostasis’ barrier. Find one, then wait for it to summon the purple pillars. Break one of the pillars using a pyro character, and you’ll get the achievement.

A Maid of Strength and Virtue

This hidden achievement is worth twenty Primogems, and thus is one of the more difficult ones to get. In essence, you simply need to unlock all six endings in the Noelle hangout story quest. If you’re having trouble with that, check out our Noelle Hangout All Endings guide.

For I Am Duty Bound

This achievement requires you to get the A Defender’s Will is Their Strength ending in Noelle’s hangout quest. It’s one of the more hard-to-get ones. So, if you can’t get it, check out the link in the entry above.

A World Known Only Unto Roses

To get this hidden achievement, you need to get the A Conundrum Called Love Noelle ending. While hanging out with her in the library, you can find her study notes on the table. Interact with them to get the achievement and five Primogems.

Evil is Banished

To get the Evil Is Banished achievement, you’ll have to complete Signs of Evil and unlock all the endings. That’s Chongyun’s hangout quest, and it has six endings. If you don’t know how to unlock them, our Chongyun hangout endings guide will show you.

Behold, Mine Evil-Espying Eye!

Behold, Mine Evil-Espying Eye is, apart from being a mouthful, one of the achievements you get for unlocking a specific ending in Chongyun’s hangout quest. The description says you’re supposed to “correctly interpret all clues”, which means you’ll get it when you unlock the Blessing in Disguise ending.

Red Hot Chili Popsicles

To unlock Red Hot Chili Popsicles, you need to make a popsicle using the wrong recipe. This means getting the Can’t Beat This Heat ending, in which you make a popsicle using Jueyun chili.

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