Genshin Impact Amber AR Event

The Amber AR event in Genshin Impact has wrapped up, and it’s time for the developers to dole out the various prizes. Fifty people that took the best photos featuring Amber will get special merchandise sets, and there are also in-game server-wide rewards. What’s interesting is that many players were completely unaware of any event taking place, which has brought on a lot of confusion. So, let’s clarify some things about the Genshin Impact Amber AR event, shall we?

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genshin impact amber ar event
Genshin Impact Amber AR Event

Amber AR Event Rewards in Genshin Impact

The Amber AR event rewards in Genshin Impact include fifty merchandise sets for the lucky winners, and special server-wide rewards. Those of you that have won a set (includes a pillow, an acrylic figure, a badge and an acrylic sticker), keep checking your Facebook / Twitter / Instagram. The developers will be contacting you on November 5th for further instructions. If you don’t respond by November 9th, you forfeit the prize, so keep your peepers peeled. Check out this tweet to get an idea of whether you might be among the winners.

As for the server-wide rewards, you’ll be getting them in Asia, Europe, America, and TW/HK/MO servers. You’ll get the items via in-game mail on November 2nd at 12:00 (UTC +8). You can access them only if you’ve reached Adventure Rank 3, which I imagine you’ve done weeks ago. They’ll expire on November 13th at 24:00 (UTC +8), so make sure you claim the stuff as soon as possible.

Now, as we’ve said, what’s been causing confusion among players with these rewards is that a lot of you didn’t even know there was an event. So, heads up right here; according to this tweet, there will be another event of some sort coming soon. So, make sure to follow the Genshin Impact forums and social media to keep up. Also PlayStation 4 players may or may not be eligible to participate, so keep that in mind.

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