Best Cars in Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion best cars are a difficult subject to broach, since that’s going to differ from player to player. However, there are some cars in Watch Dogs Legion that we can say are definitely among the best, no matter your preferences. Plus, we’ve found some places where they spawn reliably, including some that are our absolute favorites. We’ll be showing you where to find them in our Best Cars in Watch Dogs Legion guide.

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best cars in watch dogs legion
Best Cars in Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion Best Cars

The best cars in Watch Dogs Legion are ultimately up to your taste. What are you looking for in a car? Is it speed, durability, coolness, all of the above? That’s pretty subjective. I mean, maybe you want to drive the classic double-decker bus, or a taxi, or an inconspicuous van, or, heck, a police SUV. All a matter of opinion. However, we do have some tips on which cars we think are the best.

For example, if you want speed, then you probably can’t do any better than the Oscuro Ultra 8. However, it doesn’t really boast good handling. if you want a combo of those two, then you might want to go for a De Vale VK 7 or a Bogen Hailkal EV4 Sport (two of our favorites). Those are all really good choices.

Arguably the best of the bunch, however, is the Atterley Fairlight that you get by visiting a specific parking lot (more on that below) or recruiting a spy. check out our Watch Dogs Legion Spy Location – Recruit MI5 Spy Operative With Stealth Car guide. As you can guess from that title, the Fairlight has a cloak that makes it invisible for ten seconds. Plus, it has built-in rocket launchers, on top of being fast, reliable, and tough. What more could you possibly want from life?

Where to Find Best Cars in Watch Dogs Legion?

To find the best cars in Watch Dogs Legion, you normally need to look in garages, parking lots, and just generally in traffic. You can always pull a GTA and steal somebody’s car in broad daylight. As for the garages and parking lots, some of them seem to always spawn the same cars. We’ve singled out two places where some really good wheels appear.

The first one is Dorrel Hand Car Wash, where the Oscuro Ultra 8 spawns. So, if you want nothing but speed and not much else, that’s where you should look. Check out the first screenshot below to see where it is. The second location is the parking lot at the south side of the Palace of Westminster. Some seriously cool cars spawn there, including the De Vale VK 7 and the Atterley Fairlight, as well as some other fancy cars. That’s the second screenshot.

So, those are our picks for the best cars in Watch Dogs Legion, and where to find them. If you have any other preferences, let us know in the comments below. And, in case you need more assistance with the game, check out some of our other Watch Dogs Legion guides.

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