Raimei Angelfish Location - Genshin Impact

The Raimei Anglefish is one of the fish you can catch in Genshin Impact and it appears in only one location. This is further complicated by the fact that this fish only appears in a certain time of day. If you want to get your hands on The Catch, a powerful polearm weapon, you will need six Raimei Anglefish and other fish, which you can then trade for it. To save you the time you would have spent looking for this fish, we have written this Angelfish Location – Genshin Impact guide. Here, we will explain everything you need to do in order to find and catch this rare fish for yourselves.

Angelfish Location - Genshin Impact

Raimei Angelfish Location Genshin Impact

As of right now, the Raimei Anglefish can be found only in one place. This location is off the east coast of Tatarsuna. For the sake of convenience, we’ve marked this location in the screenshot below. You will easily recognize it – it is the site of an electrified shipwreck. When you get here, first defeat all the enemies found in this location. Since they are nocturnal, the Raimei Angelfish can only be caught from 18pm to 06am. If you have arrived here in any other time, set your clock to between those hours and wait. These fish are big, purple-colored and they can be found in the middle of the wreckage. In order to catch them, you will need the bait that they are fond of. The bait they prefer is False Worm Bait. If you do not have it yet, you will need to buy the recipe for it from the Mondstadt Fishing Association. Once you have caught enough Raimei Angelfish, you will then be able to trade them in for The Catch polearm.

where is the anglefish location
The exact location where you can catch Raimei Anglefish.
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