Genshin Impact Thunder Manifestation Location - How to Unlock and Defeat

When trying to unlock and defeat the Genshin Impact Thunder Manifestation, you must first complete a challenging quest before it reveals its location. This boss nicknamed the Electro Oceanid, arrived in the 2.1 update of the game. Earlier updates had seen the introduction of his watery sibling, the Hydro Oceanid. While challenging, he can be defeated if you have strong, defensive characters. In our Genshin Impact Thunder Manifestation location guide, we’ll give you the best advice on how to unlock and defeat this shocking new boss.

How to unlock and defeat Genshin Impact Thunder Manifestation location image of the boss in flight
Genshin Impact Thunder Manifestation Location – How to Unlock and Defeat

Genshin Impact Thunder Manifestation Location

You won’t be able to unlock and defeat the Thunder Manifestation unless you have completed the Seirai Storm Chasers world quest. This takes place on Seirai Island, part of the Inazuma Island which made its debut in the 2.1 update. Once the task is completed, you can challenge the Thunder Manifestation, also known as the Electro Oceanid, at the Amakumo peak. It resides at the highest point on the mountain.

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Genshin Impact Thunder Manistestion Location Amakumo Peak Seirai Island
Genshin Impact Thunder Manifestation Location at Amakumo Peak

How to Unlock and Defeat Thunder Manifestation

Once you have completed the Serai Storm Chasers quest, you will unlock the Thunder Manifestation. He has several tricky attacks to deal with.

Thunder Manifestation Spin Attack

The first is his electro oceanid blasts aimed towards the ground. This is the least problematic to deal with. If you position yourself correctly, the attacks are easy to dodge. He will also conduct a short-range spin attack which you can outmaneuver with ease.

Electro Oceanid Conductor Attack

Much harder are the lightning conductor attacks. These will take the appearance of a crosshair locking onto your character, who will be chased by a large cube of electricity. This is the point at which you need defensive shield characters to limit the damage.

Genshin Impact Thunder Manifestation Electro Wall Attack

Finally, a wall of lightning will come from two sides. For this, you need to save stamina and run away, exiting before you are caught in the closing walls. Don’t stray too far from the Thunder Manifestation location so you can return for a swift counterattack.

Avoid using like for like electro attacks on the electro oceanid to bring him down. Instead, concentrate on cryo to unlock and defeat the Thunder Manifestation.

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