Blue Item Genshin Impact - Photo Event

Genshin Imapct Blue Item is the third task in Five Flushes of Fortune event. This time Ji Tong wants you to take a picture with your Kurious Kamera of blue items. Unfortunately you can’t photograph creatures like you did before, but only flowers. This task can be a little tricky, thus, if you don’t know where to get blue item photos, our guide will give you exact locations where you should go and find Small Lamp Grass, Dandelion Seed, Crystal Chunk or Glaze Lily.

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Blue Item Genshin Impact Five Flushes of Fortune
Blue Itmes Genshin Impact – Five Flushes of Fortune event

Where to Find Genshin Impact Blue Items – Small Lamp Grass, Dandelion Seed, Crystal Chunk, Glaze Lily

It is not very hard to photograph Blue Items in Five Flushes event since you can choose between several flowers like Small Lamp Grass, Dandelion Seed or Glaze Lily. Also you don’t have to look for flowers if you decide to take 10 pictures of Crystal Chunk, since we found a great location with a bunch of them.

Best location with several Crystal Chunks can be found in Mt. Tianheng. Also you can find a lot of them in Wolvendom near the waypoint. If you prefer flowers, in Liyue Harbor you can find Glaze Lily while Small Lamp Grass can be spotted in Starfell Valley. The best place to use your Kurious Kamera on Dandelion Seeds and get Blue Item photos is in Mondstadt.

This challenge shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes and you can expect some great rewards. Don’t forget to visit Ji Tong in Liyue if you have one of each color, and if you need additional colors you can always trade photos with your friends. Feel free to leave a comment below and tell us more about your favorite blue item locations, or if you just want to trade colors with other players.

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