Valheim Iron Locations - Where to Find Iron Ore

Iron Ore in Valheim is a valuable resource that you need to find in order to build more durable weapons and tools, so figuring out where to find Iron is a pretty important task. The fact of the matter is that finding Iron in Valheim is not an easy task, as it does require a lot of legwork and facing danger. To add more problems, it appears like the game’s wiki is causing some confusion among the player base, too. So, we’ll try to clear things up a little bit in our Valheim Iron Locations – Where to Find Iron Ore guide.

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valheim iron locations where to find iron ore
Valheim Iron Locations – Where to Find Iron Ore

Where to Find Iron Ore Locations in Valheim?

To find Iron locations in Valheim, you have to look in the Swamp biome. At least, that is the case at the time of writing. Specifically, you have to look inside the Crypts in the swamps, and you should probably use a bronze pickaxe to mine the iron if you can. There’s also a chance to find Iron in Meteor Craters; however, those are guarded by Surtlings, and are not guaranteed to give you the metal you need.

As I’ve already said, there is some confusion among the community about Iron and finding it in veins in the Mountain biome. That is because the game’s wiki mentions the mountains as one of the places where you can find Iron locations in Valheim. That, however, seems to be a mistake. Mountains do have valuable ores, such as silver; in the current build, though, Swamps are apparently the best and most certain place to look for Iron ore.

Once you have found the Iron ore Valheim locations, your next order of business is to smelt them. For that, you need a smelter, and building one of those will cost you twenty Stone and five Surtling cores. Then, put Iron scraps/ore and coal in the Smelter to get Iron Bars. Turning bars into tools requires you to build a forge inside a building with a roof. This allows you to craft iron tools and weapons, such as the Iron Pickaxe, the Iron Axe (three Wood, fifteen Iron bars each) and the Iron Sword (two wood and twenty-five Iron).

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