Tombstone Soda - COD Black Ops Cold War

Tombstone is a new perk in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. It allows you to regain what you lost when dying, which makes it incredibly useful for both new players and veterans. To get it, you’ll need to find a special vendor on the map and purchase it. If you’re wondering exactly how it works and how to get it, our COD Black Ops Cold War Tombstone soda perk guide will tell you everything you need to know.

tombstone soda perk cod black ops cold war
Tombstone Soda – COD Black Ops Cold War

How does the Tombstone perk work?

When you die, you can choose to activate the perk, which respawns you in shadow form and allows you to revive yourself if you manage to reach your body. A timer keeps ticking while you try – if you fail, you die for real. You have little health while in shadow form, and if you die, you lose everything.

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You can upgrade the perk using aetherium crystals. The first upgrade will allow your shadow self to regenerate health if you avoid getting hit. The second level extends the countdown timer to 60 seconds. When you upgrade it to level 3, you’ll drop a tombstone when you die, allowing you to retrieve all the weapons and perks you had when you revive yourself.

How to get Tombstone soda perk?

To get the Tombstone perk, you’ll need to buy Tombstone soda from the vending machine. It costs $1500, and is valid for one try – when you die and use up the tombstone, you’ll have to purchase it again if you want the added layer of protection.

On the Firebase Z map, you’ll find the vending machine at the helipad, near the barracks gate. You can rely on the purple arrows around the map – they’ll guide you if you get lost. Just make sure you have the cash before you go looking for it.

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    I use tombstone yet when I die and come back to retrieve it, it takes all coins I have and I get NOTHING back. Then I’m without any guns or armor.

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