Genshin Impact Bounties Location

Genshin Impact bounties are a new kind of activity that you can do after visiting the Reputation Vendor in Mondstadt. Each one of them requires you to go into a different search areas looking for clues, after which the bounty will spawn. However, the game doesn’t tell you that, sending people on wild goose chases expecting to find the Genshin Impact bounties already there. With that in mind, in our Genshin Impact Bounties Location guide, we’ll show you how to complete bounties just south of Brightcrown Canyon, near the tower between the Stormbearer Mountains and Stormbearer Point, and near the Sword Cemetery in Dadaupa Gorge.

genshin impact bounties location
Genshin Impact Bounties Location

Just South of Brightcrown Canyon

The text of the bounty reads: “I’m not lying, I swear! While I was enjoying the scenery just south of Brightcrown Canyon, across from the cathedral, I saw a Hydro Abyss Mage creating a huge bubble – so Huge that you could fit a human inside it!” So, we have a general location and a wide search area. What is one to do? Well, when you get to the area, you have to use your elemental vision to track down three clues before the bounty appears. Same goes for all Genshin Impact bounties.

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The first one is a mushroom under a bush southwest of the fast travel point. The second one is a mob further west. Clue 3 is a mob of Hilichurls to the east. Those are all three clues, so head back to the west to find it. The Hydro Abyss Mage has now spawned. Good luck!

Near the Tower Between the Stormbearer Mountains and Stormbearer Point

Here’s what the bounty has to say: “Not long ago, I head an adventurer friend of mine say that while she was gathering Valberries near the tower between the Stormbearer Mountains and Stormbearer Point, she met some kind of… uh, Hunter thing? The way she was describing it so excitedly, it was likely something impressive indeed. It got me thinking, too – if I had such a machine on hand, I’m sure that I’d be safe, no matter how dangerous the roads or monster camps are.”

Again, like with other such Genshin Impact bounties, you have to find three clues in the search area using your elemental sight. The first clue is near the actual tower, and the second one is a mob of enemies south of that location. The third clue is under a bush to the southwest. Now, double back to the east, and you’ll see the bounty boss looming in the sky.

Near the Sword Cemetery in Dadaupa Gorge

This bounty reads as follows: “They call those Ruin Guards, right? One day, I saw one while near the Sword Cemetery in Dadaupa Gorge. It looks amazing! Do you think there’s someone inside piloting it?” Can you guess what you have to do in the search areas, based on the other Genshin Impact bounties? That’s right, find three clues to make the boss appear!

The first clue is a mushroom under a big rock east of the fast travel point closest to Dadaupa Gorge. Head south from there, and look for the Sweet Flower under a big tree. Lastly, go to the north edge of the like, right in the middle, and find another mushroom under a bush. Boom, there’s the Ruin Guard bounty, right in the middle of the lake!

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