AC Valhalla Gryttirsand - Ability & Wealth Chest

Gryttirsand is a fortress in the Rygjafylke area of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. You can find an ability book there, along with a wealth chest or two. While you can discover their exact locations using Odin’s sight, you might have trouble getting to them – one requires you to destroy a wall using explosives, another to break a barrier you might not even know can be broken. If you’re struggling to get the book of knowledge and the chest here, our AC Valhalla Gryttirsand guide will help you.

ac valhalla gryttirsand ability book wealth chest
AC Valhalla Gryttirsand – Ability & Wealth Chests

Gryttirsand ability book

The door at the bottom of the tower is barred, and there isn’t a window from which you could shoot it. What you need to do is go to the other side of the tower and look for a ladder. It’ll let you climb to the upper floor. There’s a blocked trapdoor there – you can break the blockage using your bow. Climb down the ladder you’ve uncovered and you’ll find your book of knowledge.

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Gryttirsand chest – how to break wall using explosive barrel

The other collectible that’s bound to mess with you is the wealth chest. It is easily found using Odin’s Sight, down in the trenches, but you might have trouble getting to it. It’s hidden behind a breakable wall, but one of those that only explosives can break.

Get out of the trench and look for a pile of red clay pots in a net near the tower. Grab one and go back, then throw it at the wall. Be sure to keep your distance – you don’t want to singe your eyebrows. Once you break the wall with the explosive pot, you just have to walk in and plunder the chest.

If you’re having trouble with other wealth collectibles, we’ve already covered areas like Offchurch and Saint Alban’s Abbey.

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