Break Ice & Unlock Dragonspine Statue of the Seven in Genshin Impact

Dragonspine is a new frozen area in Genshin Impact version 1.2. This brutal world of ice will challenge your every step. One of the first problem you will have to deal with is unlocking the new Statue of the Seven. When you come across the new Statue of the Seven you’ll see huge amounts of ice around it that you can’t break through with any weapon. If you don’t know how to break the ice around Statue of the Seven this guide will give you detailed instructions.

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How to break the ice in Dragonspine Genshin Impact

How to break the ice around Statue of the Seven

While exploring a brand new area players will come across new monsters, puzzles, mysteries and materials. Dragonspine mountain sits in a state of constant cold and hides many secrets that you have to unveil. One of them is Scarlet Quartz. This new mysterious crystal can be found in Dragonspine. It looks like a mining node with a red crystal inside. Use your sword to break the stone and collect Scarlet Quartz. These crystals will envelop characters with a kind of warming energy. While these small red crystals fly around your characters go to the Statue of the Seven and then use your sword and break the ice around it. This is the only way to destroy a huge pile of ice that you’ll come across in Dragonspine.

Collecting Scarlet Quartz will also stop the accumulation of Sheer Cold and temporarily give your character resistance to its freezing effects. You can find these crystals everywhere. One can be found just a few steps away from the Statue of the Seven.

While exploring this new Dragonspine area you’ll discover various puzzles, new quests and a brand-new environmental mechanic – Subzero Climate. If you’re exposed to the cold without any heat source then your character will start losing health. Scarlet Quartz can help you with this problem but if you want to find out more about other ways to slow down Sheer Cold accumulation you should take a look at our guide Genshin Impact Sheer Cold – How to decrease blue status bar

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