Genshin Impact Sheer Cold – How to decrease blue status bar

Sheer Cold is part of a new weather mechanics called Subzero Climate, introduced with the latest Genshin Impact update 1.2. Players will spot a new blue status bar above their HP bar once you enter the Dragonspine area. This blue bar slowly fills up if you’re exposed to the cold without any heat source and shows the amount of Sheer Cold. Characters in Subzero Climate in Dragonspine will continuously accumulate Sheer Cold especially if they decide to swim in cold water or run through heavy snow. When Sheer Cold reaches its limit and blue bar becomes red, players will start losing HP. In this guide we’ll tell you how to stop losing HP, remove Sheer Cold debuff and decrease blue status bar.

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Genshin Impact Sheer Cold – how to stop losing HP, remove Sheer Cold debuff and lower blue status bar

How to remove Sheer Cold status & lower blue bar

Dragonspine is a frozen mountain and its brutal environment will put your adventuring skills to the new test. The latest update introduces new treasures, puzzles, and monsters, but your biggest enemy is the extreme cold. This new gameplay mechanic brings Sheer Cold into this beautiful but brutal world of ice. If you don’t find any heat source, Sheer Cold bar will become red and you’ll start losing your health. There are several ways to slow down Sheer Cold accumulation and lower blue status bar:

  1. Any heat source like bonfires, ruin braziers, warming seelie or torches can help you
  2. You’ll lower blue bar when you use Teleport waypoints or Statue of the Seven
  3. Warming Bottle gadget emits heat for a short period over a small area, diminishing the effect of Sheer Cold. In order to obtain Warming Bottle blueprint you’ll have to level up Frostbearing Tree to level 4. To craft this recipe, you’ll need Flaming Flower Stamen and Star Silver.
  4. Eat special food – After completing new quest called “Ah, Fresh Meat” you will be able to cook a new special food called Goulash . It reduces the rate of Sheer Cold for all party members for 900 seconds.
  5. Collect Scarlet Quartz – a mysterious crystal that contains warming energy and provides temporarily resistance to freezing effects.
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