Break the Tail Seal Genshin Impact Tail of Watatsumi

The Genshin Impact Tail of Watatsumi quest requires you to break the Tail Seal. That will require some speed and a good eye, because you need to activate six small stone pillars with an electrogranum. There are several potential problems here, mainly the fact that two of the pillars are hidden in bushes. If this step has been giving you trouble, then our Break the Tail Seal Genshin Impact Tail of Watatsumi guide is the right place for you.

break the tail seal genshin impact tail of watatsumi
Break the Tail Seal Genshin Impact Tail of Watatsumi

How to Break the Tail Seal in Genshin Impact Tail of Watatsumi

To break the Tail Seal in the Genshin Impact Tail of Watatsumi quest, the first step is to find the thing. As it turns out, it’s on one of the smaller islands to the southeast of the main land mass of Watatsumi Island. You can find the exact location in the screenshots below. Now that you know where it is, we come to the main part, and that’s how exactly to reach the Tail Seal. Well, near the shrine that holds the seal, before you start climbing up the steps, you’ll find a place where you can summon an Electrogranum, so do just that.

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From there, it’s a simple matter of activating the pillars leading up to the shrine. Basically, you just need to touch them all before the electrogranum disappears again. This can get tricky, because two of them are hidden in the bushes. So, to break the Genshin Impact Tail of Watatsumi Tail Seal, keep in mind that there are four pillars on the right and two on the left. On the right, two are in the open and two are behind bushes. On the left, one is in the open about halfway up, and the other is on a rock next to the shrine itself.

After you manage to activate all of the pillars, you just need to fight off an ambush. After you defeat them all, head up to the shrine and collect your reward. From there, feel free to proceed wherever your travels may take you.

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