Genshin Impact - Cor Lapis Location

Cor Lapis in Genshin Impact is a mineral that you can use in certain Alchemy recipes and for character ascensions of Keqing and Chongyun. So, it’s pretty useful, and figuring out where to find Genshin Impact Cor Lapis is going to become important at one point or another. Luckily, the mineral is pretty abundant in the game, but not in areas that you’d normally unlock early on. So, in our Genshin Impact – Cor Lapis Location guide, we’ll show you where to find and farm Cor Lapis in Genshin Impact.

genshin impact cor lapis location
Genshin Impact – Cor Lapis Location

Where to Find Cor Lapis Locations in Genshin Impact?

To find Cor Lapis locations in Genshin Impact, there are many, many places that you can look to the southwest of the town of Mondstadt. The item’s description tells you that you can come across Cor Lapis under cliffs in Liuye and on Mt. Hulao, and both of those are absolutely true. In fact, Mt. Hulao is positively lousy with the stuff. However, they are not the only areas where you can obtain the mineral. For example, you should also make rounds of the mines around Mingyun Village, and several other places. We’ve marked them for you on the map below.

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where to find cor lapis locations genshin impact
Cor Lapis locations in Genshin Impact (click to enlarge)

If you were to ask me, the best place to look for Cor Lapis locations in Genshin Impact is, as stated before, Mt. Hulao. You can also search the mountains to the east and to the northeast; they are also simply teeming with the yellow gemstones. Farm your fill of Cor Lapis, and be on your way.

So, yeah, that’s where you can find Cor Lapis locations in Genshin Impact. If you need more assistance with the game, we’ve got a growing bunch of other guides for you to peruse. For example, we’ve written Genshin Impact Lisa Gift, Genshin Impact Noctilucous Jade Map Locations, and Genshin Impact Incomplete Writing – Geo Statues Puzzle. We’re pretty certain that you’ll find some of them useful, so have at it.

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