Genshin Impact Deploy Parametric Transformer

The Parametric Transformer is a gadget in Genshin Impact that you can deploy to transmute common materials into better ones. A great addition to the game, this Transformer serves to lessen some of the more grindy aspects of Genshin Impact. The nature of the game means that you are constantly collecting different items and many of these are practically useless to you. The Parametric Transformer helps to transmute these into something more useful. In this Genshin Impact Deploy Parametric Transformer guide, we will go over everything related to the Parametric Transformer, from where you can find it, to how best to use it.

Genshin Impact Deploy Parametric Transformer

How To Get The Parametric Transformer

To get the Parametric Transformer into your inventory, you will first need to solve the Tianqui Treasure Trail quest. Luckily, we have a great guide for this quest, so just follow the steps written here.

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How To Use The Parametric Transformer

Once you’ve gotten the Parametric Transformer, you can access it by pressing your gadget button (“B” by default on the PC). As a gadget, it works similarly to the Serinatea Pot. Next, click “Place”. This will then place the PT on the ground. So, make sure that you are doing this in a safe area where you won’t be attacked by hostiles. Then, click “F” to interact with it. This next screen will show you which materials you can transmute. You will need to add items to the value of 150. Common items are worth 1 point, Uncommon 2, Rare 3, and Epic 4 points. Though, as we said, this is best used for common items that you have an abundance of. Click “Initiate Transmutation”. Next, you will need to use your elemental attacks on the PT in order to charge it. It doesn’t matter which element you are using or the level of the character you are attacking with. The best strategy is to use a character that can quickly spam elemental attacks (such as Klee or Lisa) to reach 100% for best results. Finally, interact with the PT to claim your rewards.

To be able to complete the “Deploy the Parametric Transformer and claim rewards once” task, you don’t actually need to transmute anything. For this, all you need to do is place the PT on the ground and retrieve it again. One last thing to note here is that the PT has a seven-day cooldown – as in, real-life seven days, not in-game ones – so be careful how and when to use it. Happy gaming and good luck using the Genshin Impact Deploy Parametric Transformer.

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