Do Souvenir Shops in Genshin Impact Reset & Get Inventory Restock

Souvenir shops are special vendors in Genshin Impact. These traders only accept sigils, and they’re the only way to turn this currency into something more useful. They sell ascension materials, crafting ingredients, and allow you to exchange sigils for Mora. There are limits to how many items you can get from them, and a lot of players are asking do souvenir shops in Genshin Impact reset & get inventory restock. This guide will explain how the system works.

do souvenir shops in genshin impact reset get inventory restock
Do Souvenir Shops in Genshin Impact Reset & Get Inventory Restock

The short answer is no, they don’t. There’s a limit on how many times you can buy each item, and once you’ve bought everything that a souvenir shop has to offer, your only option at that shop will be to exchange sigils for Mora. The limit won’t reset, and there won’t be any new stock – at least not regularly. The developers might decide to add new items to the souvenir shops as time passes, so keep some sigils on you just in case.

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Genshin Impact Souvenir Shops

There are two souvenir shops in Genshin Impact – With Wind Comes Glory in Mondstadt, and Mingxing Jewelry in Liyue Harbor. The first only accepts Anemo sigils, the second Geo sigils. The merchants will have a diamond floating above their heads, that’s how you can spot them. Both will sell you various weapon and character ascension materials, crafting ingredients and prototypes.

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