Genshin Impact Elemental Energy Overflowing

Elemental Energy Overflowing in Genshin Impact is a challenge that you can complete by beating the Elemental Crucible in three minutes or less. It sounds simple, but doing the Elemental Crucible in under three minutes in Genshin Impact is actually more difficult than you might imagine. This is especially true if you don’t have a reliable team with you. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to make things easier, even if playing with random people. With all that said, in our Genshin Impact Elemental Energy Overflowing guide, we’ll give you our tips on how to beat the Elemental Crucible in three minutes.

genshin impact elemental energy overflowing
Genshin Impact Elemental Energy Overflowing

How To Beat The Elemental Crucible In 3 Minutes

To beat the Elemental Crucible in 3 minutes and get the Elemental Energy Overflowing challenge, the first piece of advice is to do it with friends, or a trusted bunch of team mates. You can absolutely do it with random people, too, as we have, but it’s way easier with people you can communicate with. This is because communication and changing strategy on the fly can be very instrumental in completing the challenge. Plus, you have to do the Crucible in a world that’s the same level as yours, or else it doesn’t count.

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Now, as we’ve said, you can still complete the Elemental Energy Overflowing in Genshin Impact with random people. You should have as diverse a group of characters as possible in order to counter the different elements of the enemies that will be attacking you. Some of the best ones to have include Barbara, Diluc, and Venti, all for different reasons that we’ll get into shortly. Two to three people should focus on enemies, while one or two people collect and deposit the clots. When no enemies are around, everyone is on collection duty.

Focus as much as you can on banking the large cubes along with the small ones, in order to maximize your profits, as it were. You can carry up to three cubes of different size, as long as they’re the same color. Just make sure that an enemy doesn’t nick you while you’re carrying them, or you’ll lose the Clots. The worst of the bunch are the Hilichurls, who fire bolts in a wide semicircle, and they appear all over the arena. If there’s a whole bunch of them, someone from the team might switch to drawing aggro from these SOBs.

So, what is the ultimate thing to strive for when completing the Genshin Impact Elemental Energy Overflowing challenge? Beat enemies as quickly as possible and deposit the Clots. To this end, some of the best characters to use, in our opinion, include Diluc, Venti, and Barbara. Diluc does incredible damage, while Venti has that tornado ability that can group enemies for easier execution. As for Barbara, she can prime enemies with the Wet effect, leaving them open to electrocution and other such attacks.

As you bank Clots in the Elemental Crucible, the bar at the top will fill up. There are two points on that bar. When you reach the first one, either Slimes or Abyss Mages will spawn. If it’s Slimes, and you have Venti, it’s a dream. Abyss Mages are a far bigger pain in the rear when it comes to doing the Elemental Energy Overflowing Genshin Impact challenge. Either way, after you defeat this wave, the game spawns a bunch of Clots that are worth more for a limited time, so go into vacuum mode as much as you can.

At the second point, a Ruin Guard and a Stonehide Lawachurl will spawn. Try and draw the aggro from the Lawachurl to the Ruin Guard, and then gang up and hit them with everything you have. Alternatively, you can take care of them by dividing into two teams of two. Just keep the Stonehide Lawachurl pinned down and don’t let it jump. Again, enter vacuum mode, and you should be golden.

That’s about all there is to it when it comes to completing the Genshin Impact Elemental Energy Overflowing challenge. It’ll probably take more than a few tries, but you’ll get it eventually. If you have any tips of your own, feel free to share them with us in the comments below. Good luck, everyone, you’re going to need it.

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