Terraria 1.4.1 Vanity Outfits & Items

Terraria 1.4.1 is out, and it has brought new vanity items to the game. It’s the final “final” update (for realsies this time, though), and there’s a bunch of new outfits designed by members of the community. You might remember us talking about them back in May – they’re the vanity contest’s winning designs, which were supposed to be added to the game “shortly” after the final update, but it’s 2020 and literally nothing is going according to plan. Scroll downward to find out how to get new vanity outfits in Terraria 1.4.1.

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terraria 1.4.1 new vanity outfits
Terraria 1.4.1 Vanity Outfits & Items

How to get new vanity outfits in Terraria 1.4.1

As you may have expected, you can craft them all yourself using a loom. They all require pre-hard mode materials, so you won’t have to work too much in order to get them. Here’s what you’ll need for each one.

  • Floret Protector Set – A hazmat suit with a flower pot in the helmet. Requires silk, dirt and one Daybloom flower.
  • TV Head Set – A leisure suit with an olden CRT TV for a helmet. Requires silk, purple dye, glass and wire.
  • Wandering Set – A samurai outfit inspired by chanbara flicks. Requires silk, fireflies and clay.
  • Timeles Traveler Set – A cloaked figure with horns and a beak. Requires silk, rotten chunks, bones and black dye. Only available in Corruption worlds.
  • Plaguebringer’s Set – A cloaked figure with an antelope skull for a helmet. Requires silk, vertebrae, bones, and black dye. Only available in Crimson worlds.
  • Capricorn Set – A pearlescent set with the ability to switch between legs and a tail. Requires silk, silver dye, fallen stars and coral.

In order to switch from a pair of completely normal human legs and the mermaid tail while wearing the Capricorn set, all you have to do is right click the leggings in the inventory.

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    This frustrates me so much because all the BEST vanity sets are not for Nintendo Switch like wtf why are we still making items/bosses/etc for certain platforms only still smfh

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      ooooffffff yea i feel that. i used to play on a switch and i was sad for this reason. 🙁

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