Genshin Impact Energy Amplifier

Energy Amplifier is a new event in Genshin Impact, and it requires you to visit certain locations and collect Irminsul Fruit Fragments to unlock Domains and the Twisted Realm to earn Fractured Fruit Data and earn rewards. The unfortunate fact about the event is that it’s a little confusing. The game does try to explain things, but I’m pretty sure a lot of you will get confused. Like, how do you start the Energy Amplifier event? How do you actually play it? How do you get rewards? We’ll cover all of these points in our Genshin Impact Energy Amplifier guide.

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genshin impact energy amplifier
Genshin Impact Energy Amplifier

How to Start Energy Amplifier Event in Genshin Impact

To start the Genshin Impact Energy Amplifier event, you first have to have an Adventure Rank of 20 or above. If you do, then go and talk to Hosseini of Sumeru and Yingzhu in Dihua Marsh. They will get you started on the whole Energy Amplifier thing. There are several acts to the quest chain, and each of them will take you to three points of interest. As you clear out each location, you’ll earn more and more Irminsul Fruit Fragments, which you then place in the Amplifier, making you stronger in later challenges. More on that in a bit; if you want more details on how these missions work, check out our Collect Fractured Fruit Shards Genshin Impact guide.

How to Play Genshin Impact Energy Amplifier Event

To play the Energy Amplifier event in Genshin Impact, you have to visit the places of interest, as detailed above, clear them of enemies (make sure to take out the red stones first) and collect the Irminsul Fruit Fragments, Bits and Shards. As you get these, you can put them in the Amplifier to provide characters in your party with corresponding buffs. These are only active in the Domains and the Twisted Realm. Read the descriptions of each fragment and set them all up to power up your main characters appropriately.

how to play energy amplifier genshin impact event
Place Fruit Fragments into the Energy Amplifier

Speaking of, during the event, a new Domain will activate when a new act unlocks. Once you complete one of them, you’ll get Fractured Fruit Data, as well as access to the corresponding Twisted Realm stages. Keep in mind that you can only complete each Domain once.

After you unlock access to the Twisted Realm and go inside, you’ll have the chance to set the difficulty level and challenge conditions, which determine how many points you’ll get in the end. Also, you will get Primogems the first time you complete each Twisted Realm stage. You can replay Twisted Realm challenges as many times as you want to increase your high score, and thereby your combined score. Get the latter up to certain amounts, and you can earn more Fractured Fruit Data. Make sure to claim all rewards before the event ends!

How to Get Energy Amplifier Event Rewards

To get rewards from the Genshin Impact Energy Amplifier event, you have to go to the event store. From there, you can exchange the Fractured Fruit Data for prizes. These include Primogems, Crown of Insight, Character EXP Materials, Mora, and, most importantly, you can get Diona for 1000 Data. If you haven’t had the luck to roll her from Wishes yet, I’d recommend you start grinding this event as hard as you can. The store will close on May 24th, and earning Data ends on May 17th, so you don’t have too much time. Speaking of Diona, if you’re having trouble with her hangout event, check out our Diona Hangout All Endings guide.

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