The Feast in Full Swing Chests Locations Genshin Impact

In our The Feast in Full Swing Chests Locations Genshin Impact guide, we are going to show you where to find all of the Fecund Hampers in this step of the Fecund Blessings event. These hampers or chests actually look like large barrels adorned with flowers. They’re very easy to spot once you know where they are, but the clues you get can sometimes be quite confusing. That’s what we’re here for. So, let’s begin!

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the feast in full swing chests locations genshin impact
The Feast in Full Swing Chests Locations Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact The Feast in Full Swing Fecund Hampers Locations

The clue for the first location of the Fecund Hampers or chests in Genshin Impact The Feast in Full Swing tells you that its “near a shop that sells souvenirs.” From the entrance into Mondstadt, head up the stairs until you see Marjorie on your right. The chest will be in the back of that building.

The second clue is “near a venerable hotel in Mondstadt City (that is now being occupied by a group of guests from afar).” The hotel is more or less in the middle of the city. Once more, you’ll have to go to the back of the building. The Fecund Hamper will be next to some tables and chairs.

Clue #3 reads: “The giant leaves turn with the wind. The gift is close to the Knights of Favonius Headquarters.” The “giant leaves” it’s talking about is actually code for the large windmill in the south of town. The Hamper is at the very top platform of the windmill, which you can hop onto from the walls of the headquarters.

The fourth clue for the Fecund Hampers or chest locations in Genshin Impact The Feast in Full Swing comes from Timmie. He tells you that it’s “beside Cider Lake where I usually feed the ducks.” If you’ve completed the Pigeon, Duck & Child quest, you know where that is. Basically, go outside of Mondstadt and walk along the lake’s edge to the north. You’ll spot the Hamper eventually.

The fifth clue, among other things, mentions that “gifts go unnoticed at the lake’s side gate.” The side gate is in the northeast of Mondstadt. You’ll find the hamper on a wagon, among a whole bunch of cartes.

Fecund Hamper Clue #6 is very flowery: “In the Magus-Custodian of Books’ sanctum, the High Lady of Immernachtreich has bestowed upon thee a benediction!” What on earth does that mean? Enter the headquarters of the Knights of Favonius through the front door and take the first door on the right, next to Wyratt. Once in the library, immediately go right again. There’s the barrel.

The seventh clue for the locations of the Genshin Impact Fecund Hampers or Chests in The Feast in Full Swing points you to an old battered cart where Klee goes fish blasting. That location is actually Starfell Lake. Head down the road leading south from the lake and look to your left. You’ll spot the broken cart and the Hamper among some rocks.

The eight and final clue mentions “a small shoal in the Whispering Woods near Cider Lake where a small pier lies.” That shoal is west of Starfell Lake, just north of Whispering Woods. The chest is easy to find, but it’s in the middle of an enemy camp, so be careful. The next step of the event is called The Afterparty.

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