Find Player and Have a Duel Genshin Impact

The Battlefield of Dice, Cats, and Cards is a new Genshin Impact event. It revolves around a new card game that Genshin Impact players can play in the game – similar to Gwent from The Witcher 3. During this event, you will be tasked to find a Player and have a duel with them. A card duel, that is. You need to do this three times. But this isn’t explained all that well and many players can’t seem to find the person you are supposed to duel, no matter where they look. So how and where can you find a player and have a duel in Genshin Impact? Read on to learn the answer.

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Find Player and Have a Duel Genshin Impact
Find Player and Have a Duel Genshin Impact

Find a Player and Have a Duel in Genshin Impact

Before you are given the objective to find a player and duel them, you are going to receive the Casket of Tomes from Margaret. This is a new gadget, and it allows you to both set up your card deck, as well as locate nearby TCG players. As it is a gadget, it works in much the same way as most other gadgets in Genshin Impact. So, when you receive it, the first step towards locating players to duel with is to go into your gadget tab in your inventory. Once there, select the Casket of Tomes and choose the “Search for Player” option.

Doing this will bring up the game map and highlight the characters that you can have a card duel with. They will be marked on your map with a card icon. Press Navigate and the game will direct you toward the nearest player. Once you get there, talk with the Player in question and convince them to duel you. All that’s left now is to get three victories under your belt so that you can progress the event further.

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