How To Use Fortune Slip To Get Secret Achievement In Genshin Impact

With the newest update to Genshin Impact, there are many new achievements you can get, and one of these has to do with the Fortune Slip and how to use it in order to get a secret achievement. It could easily be said that this secret is hidden in plain sight. Specifically, at the Grand Narukami Shrine. This is a location that you will have to visit several times, most notably to get the Memento Lens. However, what many players don’t know is that this location also has another thing you can do – the Fortune Slips. So, this How To Use Fortune Slip To Get Secret Achievement In Genshin Impact guide will explore and explain this process.

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How To Use Fortune Slip To Get Secret Achievement In Genshin Impact

How To Use The Fortune Slip To Get The Secret Achievement

To start with, when visiting the Grand Narukami Shrine, be sure to talk with the NPC who is right from the Sacred Sakura Tree. Her name is Gendou Ringo and she will allow you to draw a single Fortune Slip each day. There are many possible outcomes to drawing a fortune, but the ones that players are most likely to be interested in are the Great Fortune and the Great Misfortune slips. This is because these two will give you the achievements you’re after here: “Paimon’s Lucky Day” and “Just My Luck…”.

The procedure to draw a slip is very simple. Simply talk to Gendou to be able to draw one. Then, click on the Bamboo Cylinder and a Bamboo Slip will fall out of it. Next, speak with Gendou Ringo again and give her the Bamboo Slip. In exchange, she will give you your daily fortune slip. You can now read it in your inventory. This can be done once per day, so repeat this process until you manage to get the Great Fortune and Great Misfortune slips. These will then allow you to get the two secret achievements.

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