Serpent Head Puzzle Solution Genshin Impact

The Genshin Impact Serpent Head puzzle is a large puzzle in Inazuma that has several steps to it. The first one, where you have to chase the two Seelies around the snake’s skull until they’re in the right place. The other two puzzles are a little simpler, but you could still get stuck. That’s why, in our Serpent Head Puzzle Solution Genshin Impact guide, we’ll show you how to solve all of the puzzles and reach the bottom.

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serpent head puzzle solution genshin impact
Serpent Head Puzzle Solution Genshin Impact

How to Solve Genshin Impact Serpent Head Puzzle

To solve the Serpent Head puzzle in Genshin Impact and open the grate in the ground, the first step are the two Seelies, aka pink “fairies.” You’ll find them on two teeth of the snake, as shown in the screenshot below. As soon as you approach one of them, it will run away. You have to chase them around the skull, one after the other, until they stop moving. Basically, you have to follow them until they stop in the eye sockets. You’ll know that you’ve completed the puzzle when you hear the grate opening.

how to solve genshin impact serpent head puzzle
Chase the Seelies until they’re in the snake’s eyes

The second part of the puzzle is to drop down to the second grate below. Go around the wall into the alcove to find a switch, along with an Electrogranum tree. Pull the lever to open the second grate, and drop down another level.

genshin impact serpent head puzzle solution
Drop to the lower level and pull the switch in the alcove

The third and final point of the Genshin Impact Serpent Head puzzle solution is yet another grate that you have to open. This time, however, there are five switches. The ones in the corners actually open the grates, while the one in the middle is a reset switch, in case you make a mistake. You can see the order in which you need to pull the switches in the image below; it’s lower right, upper left, upper right, lower left.

puzzle serpent head genshin impact how to solve
Flip the switches in this order

Drop down once more to the bottom of the cavern. Here, you’ll encounter a mini-boss that you’ll have to defeat, as well as one of the Simple Tombs that require you to put a Dendrobium flower on them. There are six of these tombs, by the way; you can read more about all that in our Simple Tomb Locations & Dendrobium guide.

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